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Prolonging a Happy Boy’s Life

When our boy was 8 years old, Bellingham Animal Hospital recommended we get Trupanion. I am so happy we took that advice. Just two years later Trupanion helped saved our boy’s life.

Our 10-year-old yellow lab, Jake, developed splenic hemangiosarcoma and when his spleen ruptured he was in critical condition. He flatlined during the surgery but they were able to get his heartbeat back. They told us after the surgery that he has about four weeks to live or we could opt for chemo.

We went to the New England Veterinary Oncology Group for treatment and the veterinary staff told us that treatment typically extends the life of the pet about four to six months. We are now coming up on two years and our boy is going strong. He has arthritis now but besides that, he is the happiest boy around.

Trupanion made it possible for us to keep our baby boy in our lives. I don’t know how or where we would have come up with that kind of money if we didn’t have Trupanion. I tell everyone about Trupanion and for the small monthly payment, it is so worth it. It’s even possible to pick your monthly payment based on the deductible you choose!

Susan and Bruce N.




Bellingham, Massachusetts
Enrolled: March 2011
Condition: Cancer in the Spleen
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $11,744.95


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