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Top Ten Spooky Halloween Pet Names

pup is excited for Halloween.

The spookiest time of year, Halloween, is right around the corner. This popular holiday is full of trick-or-treats, which we enjoy spending with our furry friends every season. In honor of the festivities, we looked at our database of all the cat and dog names that Trupanion historically has insured over the years. The Trupanion data reveals some very hair-raising information, especially around festive halloween pet names, we are dying to share our favorites with you.

Top ten ghoulish halloween pet names just in time for Halloween

1. Spooky

Spooky is a great way to describe Halloween. So, with over 208 Trupanion pets named Spooky, we’re guessing there will be a mysterious kitten waiting in the window for trick-or-treaters to arrive!

2. October

October officially kicks off fall, leaf season, and one of our favored holidays, Halloween! So, it’s no surprise that 27 furry friends embody the name October. Move over September, October is going to the dogs!

3. Monster

Seen often lurking around shadows, moving through the fog, or eating after midnight, Monsters are a common icon seen throughout the run of the Halloween season. Likewise, over 165 furry family members answer to the name Monster, and we don’t blame these pet owners one bit. Monsters are adorable!

4. Bones

Skeleton bones and dog bones go hand in hand right? So, it’s no surprise that Trupanion members graced 244 dogs and cats with the name Bones.

5. Goblin

Goblins go bump in the night. It also might periodically snack on treats or sleep at your feet, this delightful creature inspired the name of 36 pets.

6. Candy Corn

You can’t think of this treat-filled holiday without the classic candy. Trupanion members love Candy Corn so much they named 22 furry companions with this sweet namesake.

7. Ghost

Who ya gonna call?? This spirited namesake inspired 689 pet owners to name their best friend Ghost. So, it looks like the name Ghost is going to haunt the pet owner’s homes for years to come.

8. Trick

Surprise, we’ve got some tricks in store this Halloween, about 13 of them to be exact! These mischievous and playful pets have tails, paws, and are absolutely adorable.

9. Treat

You can’t have Halloween without a sweet treat. Trupanion members adorned 11 pets with this delightful name because pets are the greatest “treat” addition to our families.

10. Pumpkin

Who’s going to the pumpkin patch this Halloween? Trupanion members are absolutely in love with everything Pumpkin. So, with over 1,133 names inspired by this classic Halloween staple, it’s no surprise so many furry companions don this title.

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Halloween pet names: spooky spectacular names for all seasons 

Trupanion members are clearly inspired by the festive, fun, and surprising elements that the fall season has to offer. Enjoy your holiday and stay safe this festive season with your furry friends.

Which Halloween pet name inspires your pet’s name?

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