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Top 10 Hair-Raising Reasons You Need a Black Cat

This black cat is ready for Halloween.

What’s spookier than a black cat? They are wonderful additions to the home year-round, and they seem to have mythic qualities any month of the year.

After all these beauties are pretty much the mascot of Halloween, donning trick-or-treat doorstops year after year with mischievous delight.

Trupanion HQ is going to the cats! In fact, we have over 26 purrfect office cats, two of which are all black cats. There are at least 10 hair-raising reasons why you should put superstition aside and consider bringing a black cat home this season.

Top 10 thrilling reasons to get a black cat this season

1) Black cats are mysterious

The best mate that has: mystery, allure, great fashion sense, and is always there? Sounds like you found your new best friend.

2) A little bit of superstition

Some people believe black cats are good luck, others believe black cats can bring bad luck. We think having that furry friend next to you every day is as lucky as you get.

3) You’ll always find a friend here

If you’re in the market to add a kitty to your squad, a great place to look would be an animal shelter or rescue organization. In some organizations, black cats take up to one-third of the shelter space. As a result, there is a chance you’ve got a furry companion just waiting to meet you.

4) Cats are one of two colors

So here is a fun fact. Genetically cats are born with only two colors, black and red. All other coat types are variations of the two, even white cats.   Other factors like dilutions, masking, or other genes change the appearance of the fur. But genetically your cat is either red, black or a combo of the two. Weird science. Who knew?

A black cat hiding around the house.

5) Black cats match all of your black clothes

As a pet owner, it’s best to get used to having pet fur all over your clothes, all the time. But if you have a black cat, the fur blends in with all your black clothes. Magic? No lint roller needed!

6) Purring for a workout

Want to squeeze in a workout? Your new feline friend loves to stretch! Try out some yoga with your kitty for a great bonding activity. (And yes, there is such a thing as a cat pose.)

7) Ready to greet trick-or-treaters

A black kitty is a great housemate to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween. It’s not uncommon to see kitties perched in windows, but if you spot a black cat in a window , it’s extra good luck!

8) Great companion

Want a night-in to hang-out with your best friend? Black cats are great listeners, love to cuddle, and are always ready to snuggle up to watch a movie.

9) Low maintenance

These purrfect feline companions are low maintenance, are fiercely independent, and love some alone time. Can’t find your kitty around the house? Check a blanket, bookshelf, or window. They’re probably purring with delight, enjoying the quiet time.

10) Always dressed for fun

Black cats are complete with their very own festive costume. They’re ready for all the fun the season has to offer and are practically celebrities when it comes to a certain fall holiday, everyone wants to dress like them.

How many black cats can you spot around the neighborhood this year?

A black cat is a wonderful companion.

When you’re in search of your next forever friend, consider adding a little black cat to your tribe. Black cats are adorable, fun, and festive companions.

They add a little magic to every household and will be your best friend through every season to come.


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