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A Saving Grace for Bear

We adopted Bear (official name- Sir Bearrington) in March ‘17. He was the first animal my husband and I adopted together- we held out for “the one”. He was 1 year old, 20 lbs. overweight didn’t know how to play and had never walked on a leash. I had never used insurance, but had a promo code and decided to give it a try. A representative even sold me the rider policy, which I felt certain I would cancel shortly.

Since Bear was so overweight, we began exercising him diligently, which proved difficult. Despite being cleared by the rescue org and our personal vet, Bear began limping and whimpering with movement a few months later. We found out he had Grade 3 luxating patella’s in both hind legs which resulted in two separate, extensive surgeries on each leg and subsequent quarantine.

During recovery, he tore his CCL in both hind legs, resulting in another two separate extensive TPLO surgeries and even more quarantine. (He has 2 metal plates and 16 screws holding his knees together!) During recovery from those surgeries, he tore his meniscus. The trauma from the surgeries (and abandonment) caused PTSD and significant anxiety, so he’s currently undergoing behavioral modification. In addition, he has been in intensive rehab for over 3 months- underwater treadmill, laser, and PT.

Before his recovery Bear had a poor appetite and no interest in playing- he spent most of his days sleeping but he’d wag his tail for his favorite humans. We now know it was because he was in significant pain and discomfort.

Today he chases squirrels, devours his meals, and we have seen his true personality! While every pet comes with financial responsibility, we were not expecting $25,000 in surgeries, meds, and rehab. Trupanion truly saved Bear’s life.

Meg Y.


Des Moines, Iowa
Enrolled: March 2017
Condition: Luxating Patella
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $13,603.70

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