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Doing What’s Best for Deezel

In July 2017 our Goldendoodle, Deezel, was hit by a vehicle, and in shock by the time he got to a veterinarian. He suffered a fracture of his right rear femur. In an effort to avoid amputation Dr. Bane, our veterinarian, suggested we take him to the Veterinary Specialty Center in St. John’s, NL … about 700 KM away.

Fortunately, we had purchased Trupanion Pet Insurance, otherwise, the cost to repair the fracture would not have been possible financially.

Deezel was stabilized and three days later we took him to the Veterinary Specialty Center where he underwent repair of his fracture. The surgery was quite expensive but Deezel received the care he required with no questions asked from Trupanion. All estimates for surgery were approved within hours. He required extensive post-op care as he developed a fever, required a unit of blood, intravenous antibiotics, and pain medication. He was discharged home after 5 days with home care instructions for us. He had a mild setback in the fall of 2017 which was addressed with exercises and I am glad to say he has made a full recovery.

Unfortunately, he has no fear of vehicles despite his accident.

I have since recommended Trupanion to several of my family and friends who have purchased Trupanion insurance for their pet. Despite the fact we were out of pocket for a significant amount, I feel sure we would have spent just as much or more for an amputation. Trupanion Pet Insurance enabled us to make a decision based on what was best for Deezel, rather than finances.

Judith W.




Cox’s Grove, Newfoundland
Enrolled: November 2016
Condition: Hit by a car
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $10,142.75

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