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No Limit on Essential Care for Harry

As a Veterinarian, I knew a large breed dog, like my Harry, would be expensive to care. Saint Bernards are known to have many potential health issues throughout their life. I researched all the different pet insurance companies and truly liked Trupanion the best. In only 3 short years, Trupanion has paid over 17 thousand dollars for his veterinary health care. This has included Harry’s emergency abdominal surgery while I was out of the country, his chronic flea, dust mite, and seasonal allergies, his multiple lameness issues while he was growing so big and multiple issues of vomiting and diarrhea over the years.

Going forward, we hope he does not need Trupanion. Saint Bernard’s are notorious for bloat, arthritis, and bone cancer as well as other illnesses that come with age. I am confident that should Harry need further care I am in the best position possible with my Trupanion coverage. If needed again I can send him to whatever specialist he needs!

Thankfully, we have ALL the veterinary specialists here in Jacksonville, including orthopedists, ophthalmologists, oncologists, anesthesiologists, internal medicine specialists, neurologists, cardiologists, radiologists with capabilities to perform MRI’s, CT’s, laparoscopic surgeries, ultrasounds, chemotherapy, radiation, and even rehabilitation and more.

I like this company so much. They will never drop his coverage even though he is already hugely expensive. I also know that there are no limits placed on their insurance coverage. This is important because who would have guessed we would be in tens of thousands of dollars already!

I would love to see all of my pet patients be able to get Trupanion insurance and have access to the same essential care that Harry has needed to date!

Pamela K.


Jacksonville, Florida
Enrolled: November 2015
Condition: Digestive Issues, coat/skin problems, bone/joint issue, and abdominal surgery
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $17,602.42

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