Seven Family and Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Activities to Celebrate the Day
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Seven Family and Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Activities to Celebrate the Day

So, what better way to celebrate the holiday than with inclusive, pet-friendly Thanksgiving activities so our pets can join in on all the fun?

Thanksgiving is a special time to share with family, friends, and your furry family members. So, what better way to celebrate the holiday than with some pet-friendly Thanksgiving activities so your pets can join in on all the fun? Your pets are family, and you want to share in all the season has to offer. During this time, you want to celebrate and give thanks to those in your lives and show them what they mean to you. Naturally, a great way to give thanks is to enjoy the day together.Here are seven family and pet-friendly Thanksgiving activities to partake in and kick off the holiday festivities.

Seven family and pet-friendly Thanksgiving activities to enjoy the day

Take in a parade

Many cities have parades to kick off the holiday season. With Covid restrictions and rules, check with your local municipality to see what’s available in your local towns or nearby city. Also, if the weather is chilly in your area, make sure your pup is bundled up in appropriate weather attire.

Stimulation games and Interaction toys are a wonderful pet-friendly Thanksgiving activities.

Dog games

After your round of family board games, try an enrichment toy or game with your pets. An enrichment toy will help provide mental, physical, and emotional stimulation for your furry companion. Plus, they are getting to spend time with their favorite person!

Similarly, enrichment toys can also help with boredom and destructive habits. Some great enrichment toy options may include a puzzle box, snuffle mat, laser light, or stuffed toy.

Decorating for the holidays are just one pet-friendly Thanksgiving activity that families can do together.

 Decoration time

It’s time to take out the holiday decorations! Sing some carols, nosh on treats, deck the halls and don’t forget to include a special area designated for your pet.

In addition, there are many decorations that could be troublesome for pets, so be mindful where you hang items and what they are made to avoid any situations.

Specifically look out for items that your pet may ingest like tinsel, toxic treats, and tempting toys or items that could cause harm. This may include overloaded electric outlets, open fireplaces or candles, and glass decorations.

Enjoy a family meal

Thanksgiving dinner is a time for all to sit down and enjoy a good meal together as a family. Try to prepare your pet’s meal at the same time as yours.  Also, to avoid any puppy-eyed beggars at the table, try placing your pet’s meal in a food puzzle.

Similarly, the stimulation of the food puzzle helps provide an activity while eating, and it might curb any temptation from your pup.

Play a game of football

If the weather is nice, get outside and enjoy a game of football. Your furry friend will love the interactive activity and the chance to catch the ball. Alternatively, snuggle up and catch a game on television. Your best friend can bark for their favorite team.

Get out and get moving

Take in a family walk or a stop by the dog park. A little goes a long way with a dog walk, your pup will enjoy the physical and mental stimulation, and a chance to stretch their paws.

Favorite pastime

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and show those in your life how much you care and how much you appreciate them. So, take the time to spend quality one-on-one time with your furry friend, and partake in their favorite activity.

Does your furry friend enjoy cuddles, catch with the ball, or taking a long dog walk? Any pet can benefit from extra time with their family and they will always appreciate the extra cuddles.

Pet-friendly Thanksgiving activities may include a cozy quality time at home with your best friend by your side 

Enjoy your Thanksgiving time with your family and furry family members. And if anything comes up, we’re here 24/7 to assist you and your pets.

How do you enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving with your pets?

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