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Shaina: Overcoming Lifetime Challenges

We bought Trupanion insurance shortly after we adopted Shaina and it was the best decision we made because Shaina has severe allergies to numerous allergens. Our family veterinarian, Dr. Kaiser at the Animal Clinic of Mandarin, was concerned about our young dog being on Prednisone daily. She immediately tapered her off medication and started the only allergy medication known for dogs at the time, Apoquel.

When we thought Shaina was having a reaction to this medication, we stopped it. Around this time, an allergy injection given once a month became available and Shaina was started on it. Unfortunately, Shaina was still developing skin infections and receiving antibiotics as needed. Dr. Kaiser explained that dogs with severe allergies have skin changes, suggesting a shampoo, then a mousse as needed. Our dog needs monthly allergy injections, daily medication, and special food along with monthly check-ups.

Fortunately, we have Trupanion insurance! This insurance pays 90% of all medications, the first bag of special food, and all laboratory tests pertaining to our dog’s illnesses. They also cover any new problems that might arise. Thank goodness for that, because since 2012, Trupanion has paid $11,237.56 to our vets directly.

Dr. Kaiser submits bills to Trupanion first, then we pay the rest! I learned that having a sick dog can be very expensive, so when we adopted our second dog, we bought insurance for her also. Fortunately, she is a healthy dog!

Beverly and Michael P.


Jacksonville, Florida
Enrolled: November 2012
Condition: Allergies, Skin and Ear Infections
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $11,237.56

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