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Supporting Patch in His Golden Years

“By pure luck, we picked up a Trupanion flyer as we were unhappy with our previous pet insurance. We put the flyer on the table and didn’t look at it for a few days. By chance, we picked it up to read the night before Patch’s 14th birthday. We wanted him covered as he was getting up there in age so we called and asked if we could still insure him as he turned 14 the next day. Fortunately, Trupanion’s answer was yes!

Patch has never been a sickly dog; we wanted protection “just in case.” We are glad we did. The following January Patch had a stroke. We were confident to tell the veterinarian to do what was necessary because we had Trupanion. We would probably still be paying that bill off if we didn’t have Trupanion.

They paid out exactly what they said they would, 90% of the bill, in less than a month. Since then Patch has had a couple of strokes called “transient ischemic attacks” and gastroenteritis.

We are so impressed how the wonderful staff at Trupanion keeps us informed every step of the way on how a claim is progressing. If they need more information from the veterinarian they deal with getting it, leaving us to be able to love on our baby and not worry about little details. If we need to call, they always ask how Patch is, by name (it makes us feel that Patch is as important to them as he is to us).

Trupanion is total peace of mind. We know he has the best insurance and therefore we are not concerned about the treatments he may need. His is now 15½ and doing well!”

Mandy S.


Fountain Valley, California
Enrolled: November 2013
Condition: Strokes, Gastroenteritis
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $8,102.32


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