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Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

Take the chance to bring a senior pet into your home, you will have a set friend for life and their world will be forever changed.

There are so many wonderful reasons to adopt a pet. Bringing a new pet into your home can provide a limitless amount of adventures. Also, taking the opportunity to adopt a senior pet has an unlimited amount of perks, some of which are often overlooked due to the pet’s age.

Take the chance to bring a senior pet into your home, you will have a set friend for life and their world will be forever changed. Quite often by bringing home that older pet, you are not only giving them a loving home but could be saving their life.

Here are just ten reasons to adopt a senior pet, but there may be many more reasons to bring that furry friend into your life.

Top ten reasons why adopting a senior pet rocks

adopt a senior pet has an unlimited amount of perks

Celebrate the golden years

The best years of a person and pet’s life are often referred to as the golden years. Why not take the time to live it up and really make the golden years the time of your lives!

Ready for snuggles

Any pet can benefit from kisses, cuddles, and extra snuggles. So, a senior pet is no different. By having a senior pet, chances are they might want a little more rest and relaxation and more connection.


Chances are your senior pet will not need to be house-trained. One less mess to clean up! But there’s always still an opportunity for learning and training no matter what age. This applies to humans and pets alike.

Enjoy a slower pace

Adopting a senior pet leads the way to enjoy a slower pace of life. You can fully enjoy everything life has to offer, taking the time for slow walks and smelling the flowers with your furry friend by your side.

Second chance

There are many reasons why a senior pet can end up in an animal shelter or rescue organization– from natural disasters to a caretaker passing away. If you take a second chance on a senior pet it provides them with a new lease on life and gives them a new forever home.

Endless opportunities

While a senior pet is by your side there is an endless amount of opportunity for fun, adventure, and companionship. Whether you want to travel, catch up on your favorite book or television show, your furry friend is right there with you every step of the way.

New best friend

Once you adopt a senior pet, you have an automatic best friend. Their loyalty may never waiver, their love will be forever, and you can always count on them.

Age is just a number

Due to advancements in veterinary medicine and pet wellness, many pets are living long, healthy, and satisfying lives. Also, your pet may be thriving in their senior years.

Ready and waiting

All different types of pets are ready and waiting for their next forever home. Senior pets are sitting in animal shelters and rescue organizations around the globe, just waiting for the chance to meet their forever family. Could it be you?

Your grey cat or dog may be fashionable

The new “It” color is grey. Grey is a popular color this fall fashion season, and we think grey muzzles are the best. Everyone thinks silver paws, grey faces, and salt and pepper locks on cats and dogs are just adorable. Sounds like you found the perfect best friend for a pet photo shoot.

Adopting a senior pet can bring your life joy and many happy memories.

Adopting a senior pet may give you an instant best friend 

Senior pets are amazing companions. You may have a cuddle bug for your couch,  a co-pilot for your travels, and a best friend for all your adventures. Next time you’rere at the shelter, take the time to stop by and meet a senior pal. You might find your next forever friend is there waiting for you.

Have you adopted a furry friend? Tell us in the comments below. 

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