Wildfire Care Package: How to Help Those Affected by California Wildfires
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Wildfire Care Package: How to Help Those Affected by California Wildfires

a wildfire care package can provide necessity, comfort, and care.

The California wildfires have left thousands of people and pets without a place to call home.

The loss of a home and all your belongings hits with great impact especially at the start of this holiday season.

According to LA County Animal Care and Control, they are taking care of an estimated 1,400 displaced pets. Also, over 3,500 members are seeing an impact in northern California with the Camp Fire.

Some of our team members were so moved by the displacement in California, they have started a donation drive to help those pets, people, and families in need.

This week, some team members will be traveling to California to lend a supportive hand.

If your team is looking for a way to help families and furry friends in need, here are some ideas on how to start building wildfire care packages, including the furry family members.

How to create a wildfire care package for those most impacted

Learn more how a wildfire care package may help those furry friends in need.


  • Necessities

With the devastation of these wildfires, many are without basic necessities. A wildfire care package can provide comfort, care, and basic essential items. Some items that could be over-looked are clothing and food items for pets and children.

Naturally, your pets and children need specialty items to keep them at optimum health and growth. Similarly, items like specialty pet food, pet clothing, cat litter, and baby formula would be a wonderful addition to your wildfire care package.


  • Pet care

Pet care items are essential in providing basic care for our pets. Many might be without some of these items and would be a great addition to any wildfire care package.

For example, some important items to include would be food, clean water, leashes, harnesses, collars, and bedding.

Also, with the winter season, another item to consider would be to include pet rain boots and jackets to keep them warm and dry.

Further, extra blankets go a long way in making a temporary space more comfortable. Consider some items that might also bring joy, such as toys and treats.


  • Give back

Creating a wildfire care package helps provide the opportunity to give back and help those that have been affected by the recent natural disasters.

Also, it’s a chance to add a personal touch and assist those in need of essential everyday items.

There is something special about receiving an item or gift that is tangible that you can hold. It can provide comfort and security during these uncertain times.

By sending a dog jacket or leash, you are providing a second lease on life.



How you can help

You can help those affected by the California wildfires in a multitude of ways. By creating a wildfire care package of hand-selected essential care items you are providing necessities that are priceless.

If a care package is not something you can do at this time, we recommend making a donation through a reputable organization such as the American Red Cross or the Humane Society.

Many animals in shelters are being moved to major metropolitan cities in order to make room for animals recently displaced by the fires, and increase their likelihood of being reunited.

You can make a difference by taking the steps to become a foster home for an animal or taking time to volunteer with the animal shelter or rescue organization.

To learn more about how to help animal welfare, read Animal Shelter Pet Adoption: Four Reasons to Adopt

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