Animal Shelter Wish List: Help a Shelter Pet this Holiday Season
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Animal Shelter Wish List: Help a Shelter Pet this Holiday Season

Help a shelter pet this season with a present from the animal shelter wish list.

It’s the season for giving and everyone has a wish list, including dogs and cats. By donating or contributing to an animal shelter wish list, it may be an opportunity to give back and help those animals in need. During the holiday season, pet care items and warm blankets, just to name a few, can become increasingly important and can be scarce during this season. Read on to learn more about some pet-approved animal shelter wish items for every shelter pet this season.

Animal shelter wish list items 

Read on to learn more about some animal shelter wish list items to donate this season.

Donate warm blankets and towels

With winter in full swing, many animal shelters have a low supply of blankets and towels. Naturally, keeping pets warm and comfortable is very important for a pet’s health in an animal shelter environment. So, by donating these items, you’re helping all the puppies and kittens stay warm and cozy this holiday season. Definitely, an animal shelter wish list must-have!

Contribute pet goods

Animal shelters and rescue organizations are always in need of pet goods like collars, leashes, jackets, sweaters, and harnesses. Often pets come in without these items, so they tend to be needed and popular, especially over the holidays. Consider contributing a pet good item that’s no longer in use anymore, and give a shelter pet a new collar this season.

Cat accessories

An animal shelter wish list wouldn’t be complete without a mention without some cat and kitten essentials. Naturally, these furry friends love to scratch, play, and explore. Also, cats love scratching posts and definitely appreciate a well-made box. Further, consider a cat scratching post or cat tree donation, so the cats can have a place to socialize and de-stress during the holidays.

Give a piece of comfort this holiday season

Every pet wants a comfortable bed to lay in at night. A pet bed donation is providing a piece of comfort and care that all our furry friends can cherish this holiday season.

Volunteer your time

Many animal shelter staffs and team members are volunteer-based. So if you find you have some extra time over the holidays, take a few hours or a few days, to volunteer your time with an animal welfare organization. In addition, all of the dogs and cats will certainly appreciate the extra face time, playtime, and snuggles.

Involvement with community programming

From hosting events to community functions,  community programming at an animal shelter is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to learn more about animal welfare. This animal shelter wish list item not only helps animals but introduces new hobbies and is a unique opportunity to give back to your local community.

Help spread the word on social media

A great way to give back to an animal shelter this holiday season is by spreading the word on social media. While sharing a social media post might not seem like a large contribution, rather the impact can result in saving a pet’s life. Besides who doesn’t love a social media newsfeed filled with dogs and cats!

Make a charitable donation

If you’re in the spirit of giving a charitable donation, an animal shelter is a wonderful organization to take into account. In fact, many animal shelter and rescue organizations are run on charitable donations, so you would not only be helping animals but the animal shelter organization as well.

Become a foster parent

It’s the season for giving, so why not open up your heart and home and become a foster parent. Also, many animal shelters rely on the use of the foster network to keep space available for incoming animals. By being a foster parent, you are proving a loving and safe home, while the pet transitions to meeting their forever family.

Give a pet a home for the holidays

If you find you are wanting to expand your family this season, you may want to consider bringing home a shelter pet for the holidays. Naturally, there are many pets that need loving homes. Because of this, one lucky dog or cat could get a new family for the holidays.

An animal shelter wish list can help change a life

An animal shelter wish list is a great way to give back to the animal shelter. By spreading the animal welfare mission within your local community, you are providing essential care to an animal. It can truly help change a furry friend’s life this holiday season, and possibly your own.

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