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Forever Grateful for Medical Care for Angus

forever grateful for Angus

When Angus was about six months old, we enrolled him with Trupanion and we’ve been FOREVER grateful since!

At the age of one, Angus started showing signs of allergies with chronic ear infections, skin rashes, hair loss, and extreme itchiness. Angus has gone through multiple tests and medications to diagnose and treat his allergies.

Having financial safety through medical insurance has helped us alleviate the stress of making hard financial decisions and provide relief to Angus with the best medical care he could get.

Over the last 6 ½ years, his Trupanion policy has paid $6,133.23 of our veterinary bills. Angus’ allergy treatment costs $510.93 every couple months and his insurance covers $406.94 of this bill with direct payment!

Angus is now 7 years old and his allergies have been controlled better than ever!

Cindy and Rob M.


Callendar, Ontario
Enrolled: April 2011
Condition: Life-long allergies with ongoing treatment
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $6,133.23

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