The Quick Dish: High-Quality Medical Insurance for Your Pet
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The Quick Dish: High-Quality Medical Insurance for Your Pet

Medical Insurance for your pet can help provide relief when you need it most.

Pets are family, and they deserve the best care without breaking the bank.  Learn more below about how Trupanion provides high-quality medical insurance for your pet and what that means for their long-term health.

What to expect: high-quality medical Insurance for your pet

Prepare your budget: medical Insurance for your pet

Medical insurance for your pet can help your budget and provide the best care for your pet.

When you prep your monthly budget, you are often preparing for planned expenses. It is more difficult to prepare for the unexpected, and that is where Trupanion medical insurance for your pet can lend a paw and assist that pet when it needs the care most.

For example, you can set aside money for emergencies, but the difficulty is that no one knows when an unexpected incident will occur and how much it will cost.

Do you know how to budget for the cost of veterinary care?

While we know it can be stressful to consider adding on additional financial obligations, we understand the cost of veterinary care and can help you prepare for the unexpected with your pet.

How we calculate the cost of your pet

The cost of medical insurance for your pet is based on a wide variety of factors such as-

  • species
  • breed
  • age at enrollment
  • the local costs of veterinary care in the region

The piggy bank savings and your pet’s health

Often pet owners will opt to put money aside in a pet savings account, to save for those unexpected potential costs. This is always a great idea, but it takes time to accumulate enough savings to cover a major issue.

But if your pet has the unfortunate experience of being unlucky with an illness or an injury, the piggy bank could be gone with one visit to the veterinarian. Accidents and injuries can happen at any time, whether you have had the time to save or not.

Ultimately, the piggy bank savings account is a great additional resource for having medical insurance for your pet.

Lucky vs. unlucky pets

We all want a happy, healthy, and lucky pet. We want an above average pet. In contrast – If you’re pet has the experience of being ill, and not so lucky, a member is never penalized if their pet becomes sick or injured.

We don’t raise rates or drop unlucky pets based on claims, and your pet cannot age out of coverage. We are here for you and your pet for their lifetime.

Responsible pet ownership

We all take the responsibility of pet ownership very seriously. We want the ability to provide the very best care for our pets.

Because the cost of care can be so expensive, the option to add on medical insurance for your pet can provide financial relief.

Certainly, by considering the option to buy Trupanion medical insurance for your pet – you are taking the opportunity to better afford the care for your pet now, and for the future.

Quick Dish: Medical insurance for your pet


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