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Four Recommended Pet-Friendly Holiday Office Tips

Pet-Friendly Holiday office tips for your office to be safe and festive this season.

Holiday festivities are in full swing at Trupanion HQ. Amidst all the bustle and cheer we are introducing plenty of challenges for our workmates. Before Santa arrives on the sleigh we’ve got some recommendations on pet-friendly holiday office tips to keep your workplace safe and festive for all office pets the remainder of the season.

Do’s and Don’ts: four recommended pet-friendly holiday office tips

A pet-friendly holiday office should include pet-friendly decor'.
Sabbath (VP of good cheer) along-side executive Elfs, Hunter and Dexter.

Pet-friendly holiday office decorations

When you have pets in the workplace, you should be mindful of placement of holiday décor items. For example, “items like tinsel and lights should be placed where a dog or cat could not easily get tangled or chew on them,” advises Trupanion on-site pet program manager J. Marmol.

Instead, try placing holiday décor outside of the office cube. Especially if you have a pet that is prone to jumping on the counter or desk area.

Consider leaving any food-item ornaments, to make for a pet-friendly holiday office.

Holiday decorations to avoid

Some decorations might be best to avoid or place strategically around the office, so there are no temptations from our furry friends. Consider leaving the food-item ornaments off the tree this year.

For example, “items like popcorn on a string and candy cane ornaments should be left off to avoid a pet grabbing an afternoon snack. Also, glass ornaments and the metal hooks for hanging ornaments are a pet holiday hazard, says Marmol. As a substitute, try hanging plush ornaments and avoid metal hooks on the tree.

In addition, be mindful of Christmas trees and cats in the workplace. Our festive felines love to hang out in and around trees. Because of this, consider the placement and size of any trees brought into the workplace.

Holiday dog-walking in the office

With upwards of 70 dog walks a day, Trupanion dog walkers are always ready to hit the pavement, rain or shine. Likewise, dog walking in winter can come with its own hazards around the office. Definitely plan for weather appropriate shoes, socks, and layers for your furry friend.

Also, be wary of salt on dogs’ paws and stay vigilant of the potential of sliding on ice. Salt is toxic for your pet. Wipe their paws once inside and thoroughly clean with a wet rag to keep your pup safe when they insist on licking their paws.

A Pet-friendly holiday office includes being aware of where any baked goods or chocolate are around the office.

Beware holiday workplace treat

One of the most important factors to be aware of for a pet-friendly holiday office environment workplace treats. Be attentive to any chocolate, baked goods, or treats that are brought in to the office for human consumption. Some pets will want to counter-surf or look into trash cans to grab a snack.

Also, make sure they aren’t eating too many of their own treats. We all like to indulge over the holidays, but extra poundage is hard on your pet’s health.

By avoiding hazardous décor and staying attentive to holiday treats, you can surely have a wonderful pet-friendly holiday office environment! Enjoy the festivities with your furry friends for years to come.

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