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Top Ten Jolly Holiday-Inspired Pet Names

Holiday-inspired pet names are common in our dogs and cats!

Tis the season of puppies and kittens, and nothing commemorates the gift of companionship and forever love like Holiday-inspired pet names. Do you have plans for a new addition to join your family soon? Our Trupanion database shows over 5,860 pets don a seasonal pet name and we couldn’t be merrier about it. So we’ve checked our list twice, to bring you the top ten holiday-inspired names that you and your pet can get jolly about.

Holiday-inspired pet names: top ten names that make you wish it was winter year-round

Does one of your holiday-inspired pet names make the list?

Seasonal sweet treat

We all know cookies are a go-to seasonal sweet treat favorite. Cookie tops the list of the most popular holiday-inspired pet names with over 2,028 furry friends with this namesake.

Décor must-have

Holly decks the halls and our homes this season and has clearly inspired some furry companions. To illustrate, over 1,627 dogs and cats are lovingly named Holly.

Tis the season

Joy is the reason for the season and is the inspiration around quite a few furry friends’ names. To be exact, more than 478 pets answer to this delightful namesake. Joy is what we feel every time we see adorable dogs and cats!

Walking in wonderland

Winter is officially here, and it’s clear our members have a soft spot for the season. Admittedly, over 451 pets have the holiday-inspired pet name of winter, and we think it’s just so cool!

A flurry of fun

What’s more unique and magical than a snowflake? And what is more of a flurry of fun then a little puppy or kitten named Snowflake? To show, over 302 pets are named snowflake, and it makes us want to go play in the snow with our pup right now.

Winter is here

A blizzard is common during the winter months, and because of this quite a few pets,159 to be exact, don this namesake. Bundle up your furry friends, its cold outside!

Fastest one of all

Certainly, all of Santa’s reindeer are beloved, but Dasher is a clear holiday-inspired pet name. Dasher is clearly a fan-favorite among Trupanion members. In fact, over 137 pets are named Dasher, and we love the nod to a classic holiday character.

Spirit of the season

Merry is a name full of cheer, joy, and is the true spirit of the season. So, it is no surprise over 84 furry friends are named Merry. Thus, have a joyful season with your spirited pet.

One of Santa’s favorites

Blitzen is another one of Santa’s favorite reindeers that helps make magic happen during the holiday season. Similarly, Blitzen is a top choice among members and clearly is a popular name choice with 78 pets that don this cherry namesake.

Hear the bells

Jingle is a classic sound of the season, so it is no surprise it ranks on our holiday-inspired pet names list. Because of the popular sound and song of the season, over 74 pets have the name jingle, and we bet you can hear bells when they walk.

What are some of your favorite holiday-inspired pet names?

These festive holiday-inspired pet names have us feeling the spirit of the season. What are some of your favorite holiday- inspired pet names?

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