Two Cats Battle Major Medical Emergencies Together
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Two Cats Battle Major Medical Emergencies Together

Eight years ago I had 2 cats– one had kidney failure and the other one had cancer. In a year, we spent $8,000 out of our pockets to cover the costs of their treatment. It wasn’t until after they had passed, that I learned about pet insurance. When we got new kitties, I signed up for  insurance.

After going through two companies, I finally found Trupanion. Trupanion is by far the best. One of the benefits that Trupanion offers that was appealing to me, is the ability to choose your own deductible. Once you meet the deductible for a condition, Trupanion pays 90% of all eligible costs. In the past two months, two of our cats went through major medical emergencies.

Gizmo had a spinal surgery at the Affiliated Veterinary Specialists, and Frosty had a UTI which resulted in a blockage. Between the two cats over the last two months, the vet bills have been $15,000. There is no way we would have been able to cover these costs if our cats were not covered by Trupanion. Of the $15,000 in vet bills, Trupanion has covered $12,000.

I am so grateful for Trupanion. The monthly premium price is very affordable. What has been the greatest help of all during these past two months, is that we did not have to pay out of our pockets and wait for a reimbursement. Trupanion has the ability to pay your veterinary hospital directly!

Eric and Gwen F.

Frosty & Gizmo

Kissimmee, Florida
Enrolled: August 2011
Condition: Urinary tract infection resulting in blockage and spinal surgery
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $11,790.86

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