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Dogs and Cats Dressed Up: Trupanion Pets in the Workplace

dogs and cats dressed up at Trupanion.

Dogs and cats dressed up is something to expect at Trupanion HQ. With over 355 pets that come to work, it’s no surprise to see a furry friend in a jacket or sweater walking around the office. In honor of National Dress up Your Pet Day, we are happy to share our pets in office sporting their best Monday office attire. Check out the Trupanion dogs and cats dressed up in the workplace below and take the time to celebrate your best mate this work week in style.

Dogs and cats dressed up: Trupanion pets in the office


Dogs and cats dressed up can wear a versatile selection of clothing.

First at the morning meeting

Seven is up early and ready to start her day. Besides being the first one at the morning meeting, Seven is all about crunching some numbers. In addition, she enjoys crunching on some treats as a mid-morning snack and can appreciate a well-earned mid-afternoon nap



Always here for you

Dogs and cats dressed up can include adorable cats wearing pink.

Octavia is always here to answer your call. Whether it’s early on a Monday, or late on Friday, she’s ready to help in any way she can. We have to say dogs and cats dressed up in pink is absolutely purrrfect.





Lunchtime crew

Dogs and cats dressed up is a fun creative way to incorporate fashion into your pet's day.

Bear and Daisy are all about playtime, fun time, and pretty much always ready for lunchtime. This adorable duo can be found often taking five, playing ball in a nearby playroom.






IT glitch – these team members can help

dogs and cats dressed up for work, home, and play.

If the computer is in need of a repair, Sparrow, and Alice, are here and can always lend a paw with an IT glitch. Also, this dynamic pair can sit on command and apparently take a pretty great photo.








Chief treat officer

Dogs and cats dressed up can be fashion forward. Check out this plaid ensemble.

Recently named ‘Best Dressed’ in office, Wilfred takes his job to the next level as chief treat officer. Besides always having treats available, he spreads cheer and joy wherever he goes.








Research and data analysis

dogs and cats dressed up can be business casual, casual, or upscale.

Blue is always on the prowl for some data to analyze and loves a good research paper. In addition, to managing teams, Blue also appreciates the soft hum of a printer.








Ready for the weekend

dogs and cats dressed up in the workplace.

Whether they are responding to an email or out on an adventure– Wesley, Gene, and Fennel are always ready for the weekend. While this trio gets triple the amount of work done in just a few hours, they look forward to their upcoming pet-friendly winter getaway. Count us in!




Dogs and cats dressed up: proud team members

dogs and cats dressed up is a fun way to celebrate your furry friends.

They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and well our dogs and cats certainly take that to the next level.

National dress up your pet day or not, seeing our furry pals dressed up around the office is a fun and festive way to celebrate another day at Trupanion.

When dressing for success, always make sure that your pets are comfortable in their clothes, and that it doesn’t constrict their movements.

Do your dogs and cats get dressed up and what is your favorite fashion ensemble that they wear?

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