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Eight Sweet Pie-Inspired Pet Names

Pie-Inspired pet names are a fun way to be creative with naming your pets.

It’s no doubt the New Year has inspired us to stay active and get moving with our pets. But we do appreciate a sweet treat to celebrate the excitement of everything the New Year can bring. In honor of National Pie Day, we searched our Trupanion database to see how many pie-inspired pet names we have historically insured.

It’s clear, 1,920 Trupanion cats and dogs, have an uncanny namesake to a fruity baked good. So grab a plate as we divulge eight pie-inspired pet names that could inspire the name of your next furry friend.

Eight sugary pie-inspired pet names

Which pie-inspired pet names will top the list?

1. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a big hit during the holiday season, so it’s no surprise it has inspired a furry friend’s name or two. Rather, 1,043 pets don the name Pumpkin, topping our pie-inspired pet names list.

2. Peach

Peach just got a bit sweeter, with over 271 pets that answer to this darling name.

3. Apple

 They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but they say nothing about what kind of apple it has to be! To bring to light, 212 dogs and cats are the apple of our eye.

4. Cherry

Did you bring home a new addition this holiday season? Consider naming your lovely puppy or kitty Cherry. It seems to be quite a popular name with 163 pets answering to the name Cherry.

5. Blueberry

Blueberries encourage family outings to farms every summer season, so it’s no surprise our favorite family member has this namesake. In particular, 124 pets are the best blueberry in the bunch.

6. Raspberry

Leading the pack with 26 Raspberry pie-inspired pet names is a slew of domestic shorthair cats and a Chihuahua. Certainly, it doesn’t get any cuter than that!

7. Pear

Thirteen dogs and cats have the name Pear. Definitely a fun family member for sure, who wouldn’t want a Goldendoodle or Yorkshire terrier named Pear?

8. Pie

We had to include the motivation behind the day, and with 45 pie-inspired pet names (literally), it reconfirms our love for our furry friends and the classic baked good.

Whether you have a puppy named Pear or a Beagle named Boysenberry, (yes there is one!) there is no doubt these sweet pet names are a delightful designation to bestow upon your furry family members.

What is your favorite pie pet name?

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