Jack Russell Sancho Living a Happy Life Thanks to Trupanion
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Jack Russell Sancho Living a Happy Life Thanks to Trupanion

Jack Russell Sancho eating out of a Bailey Chair.

A year and a half ago Sancho, our Jack Russell, was very sick and had extensive testing done to find the cause of his illness.

He was diagnosed with megaesophagus and Cushing’s disease.

With the help of some amazing veterinarians and Trupanion, Sancho is living a happy life. He eats upright in a Bailey Chair three times a day and is on daily medication that Trupanion has covered.

We are so thankful to still have Sancho with us, living a healthy life!

-Elizabeth M.


  • Miami, Florida
  • Enrolled: December 2010
  • Condition: Skin and stomach issues
  • The Trupanion Policy Paid: $2,772.00

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