Six Reasons Why You Should Match Dog Breed to Lifestyle
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Six Reasons Why You Should Match Dog Breed to Lifestyle

Consider the possible idea to match dog breed to lifestyle

When you first bring home a new dog, it can be exciting, challenging, and a bit overwhelming.  It’s important to consider your lifestyle and how a new puppy will play into your schedule.

For instance, consider the possibilities of matching your dog’s breed characteristics to your lifestyle. Different dog breeds have different needs, so while each pet has its own distinct personality, it is also valuable to consider how a certain dog breed will fit with your particular lifestyle.

For example, do you travel often, have allergies, or like to get out and adventure outdoors on weekends?

All of these questions could play a role in which dog breed joins your family. Here are six reasons why you should match a dog breed to your lifestyle and unleash the potential of an amazing animal companion co-pilot for life.

Match dog breed to lifestyle

Read on to learn more about the benefits to match your dog breed to your lifestyle

With many wonderful dog breeds to consider, which do you choose? Perhaps take a lead from your lifestyle and personality to become a match to your ideal furry companion.

Ultimate dog breeds for city apartment living

If you reside in a city apartment, it can be hard to pick the perfect pup. Do you automatically go with a small dog due to living in an apartment? While the French Bulldog and the Cavalier King Charles are fan favorites, your ultimate dog breed for city apartment living might be a Greyhound or Great Dane.

These loveable big pups enjoy cozy quiet time with their best mate or nightly stroll around the neighborhood.

Most importantly, whichever dog you pick, make sure it is comfortable and happy in its smaller space.

Jet-set with a furry co-pilot

Does your business workday involve a lot of travel? An ideal best mate might be a smaller pup that can always accompany you on pet-friendly transit via trains, planes, and automobiles.

A pint-sized travel dog breed might include Shih Tzu, Brussels Griffon, or Pomeranian, just to name a few. Certainly, these pint-sized travel companions enjoy being with their favorite person while experiencing new opportunities.

Your daily schedule should be a factor when you match dog breed to lifestyle.

Adventure on weekends

Match dog breed to lifestyle - with a pup ready to adventure by your side.

Adventure is calling your name this weekend, and we may have the perfect dog for your travels.

Whether you’re camping or hitting the road for an unknown destination, the Labrador Retriever makes for a wonderful road trip co-pilot. Often up for swim or hike, the Labrador Retriever can make for a great adventure-seeking counterpart and enjoys the outdoors.

Allergen-free friendly pup

If you find yourself or a family member is an allergy- sufferer, a popular dog breed on the rise is a hypoallergenic dog breed. Also, these allergen-free friendly dog breeds, such as Havanese, Bichon-Frise, Portuguese Water dog, and Labradoodle, just to name a few shed very little and release lower pet dander than most dog breeds.

Entertaining home-body

Whether your pup is large or small, it is important they are happy and healthy in their new home. Certainly, some pups enjoy the home more than others and appreciate the space as their own.

For instance, the Great Pyrenees watches over the family and home, as though that is their job.

This affectionate gentle giant enjoys being surrounded by people and helping to protect and take care of the family. Because of this, you might often see your big puppy happily sitting in the yard or gazing on the porch watching over everyone around them.

Part of the family

Whether you have a mixed breed, puppy, senior, or rescue dog the most important factor is the happiness, safety, and security of your new addition.

Also, it is incredibly important that your new dog gets along with other members of the family, including children and other animals. Start the transition slow and know that it might take some time for the whole family to transition.

As soon as you know it, everyone will be best friends.

Discover more about why you may want to match dog breed to lifestyle.

Match dog breed to lifestyle: you just may find your perfect best mate

The concept of matching a dog breed to your lifestyle can help with the needs and wants of your family dynamic. While it might take time to transition and for everyone to adjust and settle to the new lifestyle, your best friend is so happy to be a part of the family.

Which dog breed matches your lifestyle? Tell us in the comments below. 

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