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Support in Teddy’s corner

At 10 months old our boy, Ted, ingested a sweatband that he could not pass on his own and required emergency surgery. We were able to act without hesitation, only because we have a Trupanion policy in place for him and our two other dogs. That way we could rely on their prompt and adequate coverage.

Unfortunately for Ted, the veterinarian did have to remove part of his small intestine and, due to persistent post-operation fever, his in-patient time was longer than we anticipated. With our insurance policy, we were able to have peace of mind to keep him at the hospital for as long as necessary for his best possible recovery, because it was something we could afford to provide for him.

As his bills came out at a whopping total of about $11,000, I don’t even like to think about the alternative if we did not have Trupanion backing us.

Teddy took a few weeks to rest and is now back to his giant puppy antics and shenanigans alongside his big brother and sister, and we are grateful! I don’t preach much to anybody in life except for the absolute necessity of “quality” insurance – Trupanion specifically!

We have had dogs in the past and will have dogs in the future and their well-being and care is of utmost importance to us and made possible with the Trupanion team in our corner.
Edith K.

Bragg Creek, Alberta
Enrolled: October 2017
Condition: Ate a sweatband
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $10,437.13


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