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Taking a Chance on the Unknown for Taeho

To talk about my cat and Trupanion, I have to talk about my dog. Zeus was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and we spent many days both at Animal Clinic and the pet emergency room. We would have done or spent anything for him, just for a chance for him to get better. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. We did not have pet insurance on him, and it cost us over $15,000 within the course of just a few months.

Dr. Kaiser of Animal Clinic of Mandarin informed us of Trupanion and we learned of the benefits for Taeho, our 12-year-old cat. We visited the website and learned that we could choose the amount of the deductible, making the payments easily affordable. For less than $65 a month, Taeho has been covered since October 2017.

Since he’s been covered, he’s had skin issues and stomach issues. Not only did Trupanion immediately cover the costs (minus our deductible), they also paid for a portion his prescription cat food. We don’t worry as much about “what if” when it comes to his health. We know we can afford to take care of him. So far, we’ve saved almost $2,800 in less than one year.

I know you love your pet. I tell my friends when I see that they have a new kitty or puppy that they need to enroll them in Trupanion right away. When we are ready for a new dog that will be one of the first things we do.

-Julie P.




Jacksonville, Florida
Enrolled: October 2017
Condition: Skin and stomach issues
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $2,772.00

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