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Tidy Pet Space: How to Declutter Your Home

Create a happy environment for your pets by keeping a tidy pet space.

It’s a new year, so it’s time for a clean home including, a tidy pet space!

Do you feel like you’re surrounded by clutter, for instance, cat litter, dog fur, or pet toys and clothes that are not being used? By taking the time to declutter your pet space, it can inspire a joyful tidy pet space for your family and your furry friends. You want your home to be comfortable for the entire family.

Naturally, your pets should have a fun, inviting space that supports play and the comforts of home. Learn more about how to create a tidy pet space by decluttering and making your pet space somewhere for all family members to enjoy.

Five steps to a joyful pet-friendly tidy pet space

1.Give yourself time

Set aside time for you and your family to go through all of your items. Surely your furry friends have accumulated their own clutter. So, take some time to go through all pet items separately, especially if you have numerous pets.

In a house full of multiple pets, for example, cats and dogs, you can accumulate extra items rather quickly. According to our second annual Tru-Poll, a survey of more than 1,250 pet owners, 24% have two or more dogs and  24% have at least two cats. Certainly, a tidy pet space is important when you have multiple pets.

2.Explore the idea of re-arranging your pet space

A pet-friendly home is incredibly important when you’re surrounded by furry companions. For example, the 2019 Tru-Poll shows 59% of cat owners and 62% of dog owners find their home to be extremely pet-friendly.

Consider re-arranging your pet space, like adding new pet furniture or bedding, or opening up an additional area in your home for your pet to explore. Your furry friends will definitely appreciate the space and freedom to run, play, and sleep in comfort.

3.Organize in sections

Whether you have one pet or multiple pets, it can be hard to get a handle on all the various pet items. Start working through your pet’s items in sections, like clothes, toys, bedding, grooming tools, and food items.

It will be easier to organize if you can go through in sections and get a sense of what to keep or donate.

If you have excess, consider making a donation list of which items can be contributed to an animal shelter/rescue organization.

3.Allow for pet playtime and to try on clothes

By setting aside extra time to go through all the pet goods, it may also allow for one-on-one time with your pets and a chance to interact and play. Consider working with your pet on this project, and involving them in the project.

In fact, it will give you the opportunity to see first-hand which toys your pets are most interested in and want to play with or which clothes no longer fit.

If a sweater no longer fits, or a toy is no longer being used, a donation would go a long way at an animal shelter.

4.Pet goods: which items might take the most time to organize

Clothing and toys for our pets are among the purchased items we get our pets. According to Tru-Poll, over 90% of cat owners and 93% of dog owners purchase toys for their pets.

In addition, 35% of cat owners and 47% of dog owners purchase clothing for their furry friends. Certainly, that is a full closet full of pet goods. Definitely a tidy pet space must-do!

5.Benefit and fun for the whole family

The idea of creating a fun, inviting, and enjoyable pet space for our pets can be a great family-friendly activity for everyone to do together. Moreover, it shows your pets they’re an important part of the family and everyone in the household is working together to create a joyful space for all family members.

Additionally, once everyone has gone through all their items, you can take the day to go drop off your donations at an animal welfare organization within your community. Take some extra time to say hello.

The ins and outs of pet-friendly living

A tidy pet space is wonderful family-friendly activity that is beneficial to all family members.

Providing a tidy pet space can help create a joyful environment for your pet’s living space. While it’s important to clean, declutter, and make space for your pets, it also is a great family activity. Definitely, allow yourselves time to organize, re-arrange, and have fun playing with your best friend.

How do you help keep your space clean? Tell us in the comments below.

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