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Trupanion Year-in-Review 2018: Stories that Shape Who We Are

As we reflect on the stories that shaped this past year, we celebrate our milestones and all the pets that touched our hearts.

From supporting our members in the aftermath of a disaster to paying for claims that have saved pets lives, or just makes things a bit easier, we are happy to be here with you.

We share our Trupanion year-in-review 2018 video, to reflect on what we have accomplished and look towards the future in 2019.

Trupanion year in review 2018: claims, disaster relief, and Trupanion volunteers

Trupanion Year in Review 2018 features Peter who filed the most unusual claim this year.

Most unusual claim

Peter Pan had an encounter with a porcupine that left him with quills all over this body. These quills managed to migrate and end up in his lungs, intestines, and kidneys. Because of this, his week-long hospital stays resulted in over $8,229.05 of medical bills and the partial removal of a lobe of his lung. We are happy to say Peter is on the road to recovery.

Trupanion Year in Review 2018 features Riley - the youngest pet of a claim.

The youngest pet with a claim

Riley is a mixed breed dog and enrolled on a same day offer from her vet. At just six weeks of age, and a few days after offer activation, a furniture tray fell on Riley’s paw. Since Riley had full coverage, we ’re able to help and claims were processed at a Trupanion Express hospital. Because of this, Riley got the care she needs without concern and is back to being a playful puppy again.

Trupanion Year in Review 2018 features one of our oldest pet with a claim.

The oldest pet with a claim

Boston, an almost 20-year-old domestic longhair cat, has been enrolled with Trupanion since 2010. Over the years he has developed several chronic conditions including inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis. Since enrollment, Boston has submitted over 389 claims, resulting in over $70,000 claims payout. Most important of all, Boston is making the most of his nine lives and receiving the care he needs.

Six most common breed conditions

What are the most common conditions by breed? We took a look at the Trupanion claims database for the 2018 business year to see how our pets were most impacted.

Labrador retriever:

Cruciate rupture $3,600 to $4,500

German shepherd:

Gastric dilation $3,900 to $5,100


Lymphoma $3,900 to $6,700


Congestive heart failure $500 to $1,900 or medial patellar luxation $800 to $1,400

French bulldog:

Brachycephalic airway syndrome $2,000 to $2,600


Hyperthyroidism and kidney disease $400 to $900

Half million pet milestone

In October 2018 we hit a major milestone by enrolling our 500,000 pet in medical insurance. Furthermore, we strive to continue in this New Year to be a leader in this pet-industry and help the pets we all love to receive the veterinary care they need.

Trupanion disaster relief

In the wake of the natural disasters faced by members across U.S. and Canada, we’re here to help provide relief for those impacted. From the devastation of the California and Canada Wildfires to Hurricane Florence and Michael, we provided pet goods, pet food, and pet care to those in need. Likewise, our friends at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, Lake Animals Friendship Society, and Emergency Hospital of Okaloosa Walton County we’re all recipients of animal shelter donations.

Trupanion volunteers

Trupanion volunteers are driven to get out and support the organizations they are passionate about in their community. From the California Wildfires to animal welfare organizations, we ’re on the ground and gave over 446 hours to the pets, places, and people in need.

Trupanion pet food drive

Our annual Trupanion pet food drive was a huge success this year benefitting over six animal shelter organizations. In fact, over 20.56 pounds of food were collected (10.28 tons) for Seattle Humane Society, The Humane Society of Tacoma and Pierce County, Everett Animal Shelter, Regional Animal Services of King County, Purrfect Pals, and Saints Rescue.

Certainly, we would like to thank our Trupanion team members who donated to the Trupanion pet food drive and helped feed over 35,000 animals in need.

Trupanion Year-in-Review 2018: the stories that change and inspire us

Our Trupanion team was there. Certainly moved by the pets and families that continue to shape our business. We thank our members for sharing your pet’s journey and we are thrilled to be a part of your pet’s lifetime story.

Trupanion Year in Review 2018

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