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How to Have an Awesome Caturday

Experience an epic Caturday with your favorite feline!

We all know that one day rules the week – Caturday. Caturday is the one day a week where it’s going to the cats, all day, every Saturday. Similarly, cat-lovers and cat-owners alike, flock to the internet to view, snap, tweet and share their amazing cat stories and photos. As we look towards the weekend to recharge and re-flect, how do you experience an awesome Caturday with your favorite feline? We’ve got the nitty gritty (without the kitty litter) on the best way to celebrate the special day with your furry friend.

Four tips to an Epic Caturday  

1. Appreciate a cat nap

There is a lot to be said for being well-rested. So why not take the time to appreciate and indulge in a cat nap. Likewise, your cat will value the quality time and enjoy some extra snuggles with their favorite person.

2. Be adventurous

Try something you’ve never tried before. Since it’s the weekend, get out and have fun, and enjoy exploring in a new environment. Consider taking your cat for a walk, interact with enrichment toys with your kitty, or practice a new hobby, such as pet photography. Imagine, your furry friend could become the next cat to break the internet.

3. Share a cat story (or two)

Pet-tech is an up and coming trend that pet owners are using to enhance their pet’s daily interactions and experiences. To bring to light – Instagram and Snapchat apps have filters and storytelling platforms, to share you and your pet’s story. In addition, the My Talking Pet app is an interactive app where you can customize a voice to your pet’s photos, and share via your social media channels. Definitely, a fun way to document your day together and capture some purrfect memories.

4. Throw a party

What better way to celebrate Saturday and the true meaning of Caturday, than throwing a party? Also, this is a wonderful way to praise your favorite furry friend and let them know what they mean to you. Naturally, make sure to give your cat plenty of personal space during the party, if they’d like some alone time. Consider supplying a cat tree or cat scratching post as a way for your pet to exhibit stress or anxiety positively.

Have an epic creative Caturday with your furry friend.

How to experience the best Caturday with your cats

Caturday is a great day to have fun, bond, and spend time with your special feline friend. It truly is a fun way to connect and spend one-on-one time with your cat and give them all the attention they deserve. How do you like to celebrate Caturday with your cat?


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