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Critical Surgery and Care for Dempsey

Critical surgery for Dempsey

Our two-year-old boxer mix, Dempsey, required critical surgery for a retropharyngeal abscess just weeks after enrolling with Trupanion’s insurance. Being recently enrolled, we were unsure if we would have difficulty filing a claim due to the newness of her policy. However, Trupanion worked directly with our veterinary center and paid all claims quickly and without questions. We were appreciative for such a smooth process.

Just two months ago, Dempsey faced an even greater challenge–cancer. Once again, we filed claims to cover her diagnosis, surgery, and ultrasound, and Trupanion paid the claims quickly.

We are so thankful that we decided to purchase Trupanion insurance to help ease those heartwrenching decisions regarding the care of our irreplaceable Dempsey.

-Patty and Jim H.


Tracy, California
Enrolled: June 2016
Condition: Cancer, kidney dysfunction, throat abscess surgery
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $10,545.33

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