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Host a Family and Pet-Friendly Super Bowl Party

Hosting a family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party can be fun for all!

The big game is here and we’re ready to celebrate with our friends, family, and furry friends. As kick-off approaches, are you ready to host a stellar family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party? Before you invite everyone over, make sure you have ample space, treats, and ways to entertain all who are attending the party. Little ones (human and furry friends alike) have a way of finding their own version of fun at parties. Check out our tips on how to host an epic family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party that will be a Super Bowl champion for years to come.

Top ways to host a family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party

Family and pet-friendly Super Bowl environment

It is incredibly important to have a family and pet-friendly super bowl environment for all to enjoy. While the action of the big game might be fun for the adults, kids and pets need fun and inviting space of their own to enjoy. Rather by having a separate space for kids and pets, it allows them to have a safe and fun enrichment. Consider baby gates as a way to break up space in your home.

Interactive play space

A wonderful way to incorporate an interactive play space at your family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party is to provide enrichment toys for the pets for physical, emotional and mental stimulation. Also, enrichment toys can be helpful to curtail any pets exhibiting stress and anxiety at the party. While pets are interacting with kids, make sure an adult is always present.

Family-friendly football game

If you are in a region not being impacted by severe weather, such as the polar vortex, consider taking the fun outdoors for a family and pet-friendly interactive football game. It certainly is a wonderful way to get in the spirit of the festivities, while taking the time to bond together. Definitely, make sure appropriate clothing such as jackets, coats, and shoes are available for the people and your furry friends to wear outdoors.

A safe and tidy pet space to retreat

The excitement of the big game might not elicit joy from everyone, for example, our furry friends. Despite being in the presence of their family, our pets might become scared or anxious due to the influx of new people, new animals, loud noises, and an overall change in their environment.

Consider a separate pet space for your pet to retreat to if they feel overwhelmed. For example, having an inviting area that has toys, food and water bowl, and a comfortable bed or crate to curl up in. Likewise, this allows our furry friends to get some rest and relaxation amidst the activity around the big game.

Family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party tip - Provide a private pet space for your pet to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

Versatile family and pet-friendly treats

A versatile family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party are not complete without treats that all can enjoy, but with kids and pets present you run the risk of them getting into something they shouldn’t. Consider keeping kid and pet-appropriate snacks in a separate area from adult treats and beverages.

Avoid biggest fumble of the day

Keeping pets out of the kitchen can help protect against the biggest fumble of the day. According to the Trupanion claims database, Super Bowl parties can be a big risk for pets. Over the last five years, dogs have racked up a million dollars in foreign body ingestion claims alone around the big game. Because of this staggering number, it is increasingly important to keep tabs on what your pet is eating during the big game. For example, cooked chicken bones can be problematic, especially small bones in wings and legs, as can an over consumption or fatty foods. Chocolate and alcoholic beverages can also become an issue. Consider keeping pets out of the kitchen, to avoid a potential buffalo wing incident that could lead to a trip to the emergency room.

A family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party includes family friendly activities, including a family-friendly football game or an interactive pet enrichment toy.

Family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party: a purrrfect party for all

By hosting a family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party it allows for a fun and interactive space for all people and pets present to enjoy the festivities of the football game.

Have a safe and fun Super Bowl party with your pets, family, and furry friends, and if you need us we are here on game day. What is your favorite way to celebrate the game and host a family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party?

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