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Life-Saving Surgery for Quinn

Life-Saving Surgery for Quinn

Quinn’s story began on a typical September morning while out for her morning romp with her dog friends at the local park. That morning, the dogs all congregated in one area of the park. They were eating small pieces of mouldy corn cob left by raccoons. Concerning to any dog owner knowing the dangers of corn on the cob, 3 dogs became ill.

Quinn vomited up corn cob that night, and we thought she was in the clear. Fast forward almost 2 months and Quinn became critically ill with a blockage in her small intestine that was close to rupturing, from a small piece of corn cob. She underwent lifesaving surgery, removing 10cm of the small intestine and recovered, returning to her old self and getting her spark back within a few weeks.

Seven weeks later, she had severe abdominal pain again. We discovered that a dangerous infection had been brewing in her small intestine.

This time, the risk was higher as it was unknown where the infection had spread. Unfortunately, she had to be rushed to an emergency hospital where she again underwent surgery and lost another 12cm of the intestine.

Thanks to Trupanion, we were able to get her the urgent specialized care she required. We are grateful that we had Trupanion’s support throughout. Their customer care and true compassion for pets is top of the line. I would not hesitate to recommend Trupanion.

-Ashley F.


Toronto, Ontario
Enrolled: March 2016
Condition: Septic Abdomen, Acute Pain, Surgery
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $8,596.17

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