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Pet Playtime: Five Ways to Incorporate Fun

Pet playtime- five ways to incorporate fun throughout your day.

Every pet should have a chance to let loose and have fun throughout the day. Pet playtime is essential to a pet’s well-being and is easy to incorporate regardless of hectic family schedules. By taking the opportunity to integrate an element of fun into everyday activities with your pets, it can help provide a wonderful bonding opportunity for the entire family. We sat down with our Trupanion pet program team to share five activities you can include for a fun interactive day with our pets.

 Pet Playtime: Five Essential Everyday Activities

Pet playtime is an opportunity for fun and training!

1.Use your playtime to teach new skills

Pet playtime can be a useful time to teach new skills. For example, hand signals are an opportunity for your pet to learn non-verbal commands and sharpen their focus. Certainly, there is a heavy emphasis on working together as a team, as you both are learning a new skill. Also, if you work from home or take your dog to work with you, this is a helpful tool for focus in quiet environments.

2.Enrichment toys are a versatile toy option

Enrichment toys provide a versatile toy option to your pet’s playtime by providing mental, physical, and emotional stimulation. For instance, enrichment toys can include a puzzle feeder during mealtime or make a rainy afternoon with a wobbler toy. Also, enrichment play can be used throughout the day or used as a more focused training opportunity depending on your time or your pet’s needs. Further, focused playtime is a great way to solidify a bond between family members, and enrichment toys are accessible to take on the go.

3.Incorporate training into your daily routine

A great way to increase overall pet playtime is to incorporate training into the family schedule and break up training opportunities in small snippets throughout the day. For example:

While taking the dog out:

  • Have your furry friend hold, while attaching harness/leash, which helps their focus before going outdoors.
  • Practice tricks before feeding, which can help slow down their feeding and encourage learning.

Consider changing up the training and tricks as a way to encourage mental stimulation for your best mate. Also, this is a wonderful way to solidify your bond and by taking turns, gives every family member the opportunity to learn, train, and bond with the furry friends.

4.Schedule time for intentional pet playtime

During the hustle and bustle of a busy week, sometimes you just need to take a break. One option is to plan a scheduled activity for the whole family, such as tossing the Frisbee or a game of tug. Certainly, the change in pace may be a calming experience for all.

5.Include pet tech as an interactive option

Using Pet Tech is an innovative and trendy way to increase play with our pets. For example, while you’re away from your house, you can still find the time to interact and play with your pets. To illustrate, devices like Furbo may provide you the opportunity to engage with your furry friends through voice, video, treats, and other play options. Also, forever a classic, the use of a laser pointer is a favorite among cats and kittens alike.

pet playtime is interactive for the whole family.

Pet playtime: a fun learning experience for the family

Pet playtime is a wonderful opportunity to bond, train, and learn new skills as a family. Additionally, pet playtime can be incorporated throughout your schedule, any time of day, or even while traveling. Certainly, any time to play and interact with your furry friends is a great experience for all parties.

What is your favorite activity for pet playtime? Tell us in the comments below.

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