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Five Pet Subscription Boxes Every Pet Needs

Pet subscription boxes are a fun way to gift presents for your furry friends.

Love is in the air! So why not share a token of your affection for your sweet furry friends, with a gift you can both enjoy, one of the cool pet subscription boxes available. Whether you’re a new puppy owner or want to treat your favorite feline, a pop-up subscription box of toys, pet goods, and pet care items are a wonderful way to show how much you care to your pet every month.  We’ve got the top picks of purrrfect pet subscription boxes for pets of all shapes and sizes will surely love. These will certainly be a “pawpular” gift in your household for years to come!

Five pet subscription boxes every pet (and pet owner) will love

Pet subscription boxes can be shared between all of your furry friends, as a fun interactive gift.

Most creative pet subscription box: Barkbox

Barkbox is a pet subscription box service that you can cater to the pup in your life whether they are on trend or uber chewy. Since each month’s box has a different theme, so no two months will be the same. You don’t have to make a long term commitment either, you can select how many months you’d like to subscribe and shop additional gifts in the BarkShop. What’s more fun is they even have an exclusive Valentine’s Day collection for your best mate. Your pup will definitely ruv their monthly Barkbox subscription.

Most convenient pet subscription box: PrettyLitter

PrettyLitter makes the process of buying kitty litter a seamless and simple process. Finally, gone are the days of buying bags or jugs of kitty litter, and hoping that you have enough to get you through the month! Rather, PrettyLitter is a cat subscription box that delivers a month supply of kitty litter direct to your door. Also, you can cater your subscription to the number of cats you have in your household and they even have a rewards program. Certainly, this odor-less, clump-free, and fragrance-free litter will give your cats something to purr about every month.

Most feline-friendly pet subscription box: Kit Nip Box

KitNipBox is a pet subscription box that has our feline-friends in mind. Likewise, this fun-filled box is a mix of toys and treats that can be personalized for a single or multi-cat household. In addition, you can opt out of treats if your furry friend has any allergies, which is nothing to sneeze about! Best of all, the proceeds from every KitNipBox purchase is donated to an animal welfare organizations, one of hundreds nationwide.

Most cat-centric pet subscription box: KitTea

KitTea monthly subscription box is sure to give kitties and cat-lovers alike the need to book their subscription right “meow”. While this cat subscription box comes from the creators and founders of the KitTea cat café in San Francisco, CA, there is no doubt it’s unique and boutique style packaging will have every cat owner looking forward to the distinct monthly themes. Consider gifting this cat subscription box to your favorite cat-lover in your life.

Most animal-welfare focused pet subscription box: RescueBox

RescueBox is a monthly subscription box founded by the Animal Rescue Site for your pups to enjoy month after month. Similarly, the proceeds of each purchase go towards an animal-welfare organization,- in partnership through the greater good organization. In addition, donations are earmarked to help feed and vaccinate dogs and cats through these animal welfare organizations. Certainly, sounds like a wonderful opportunity to treat your furry friend, as well as help other animals in need.

pet subscription boxes are fun for pets of all shapes, sizes, and even multi-pet households!

Pet subscription boxes: the pet-friendly gift that keeps on giving month after month

Whether you have a new puppy, senior feline, or anything in between in your life, giving the gift of pet subscription boxes every month makes for an interesting and fun gift option. Additionally, pet subscription boxes can be personalized for you and your pet’s individual needs and can bring surprise and spark happiness every month. What is your favorite pet subscription box for your furry friends?

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