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Why Trupanion is Worthwhile for Winston

Why Trupanion is Worthwhile for Winston

My Boston Terrier Winston is a classic example of why Trupanion is worthwhile after an accident or illness.

When Winston was younger, he was playing with my cat and took a tumble down the stairs. His leg got caught in the railing and had to be amputated the next day. It was just after this accident that I enrolled Winston with Trupanion. I had no idea how much Winston and I would come to depend on them!

I never could have imagined the list of accidents and illnesses Winston has accumulated since enrolling with Trupanion the night he lost his leg. Winston has lost an eye because of ulcers, suffered from chronic pancreatitis, had a rectal prolapse, and recently was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease…and these are just a few of his more chronic conditions.

Winston, of course, never picks the opportune time to get sick or into trouble. It was on a road trip to Florida that he suffered from a melting ulcer in his eye and had to receive treatment immediately. Throughout all of the treatment and workup, it was amazing knowing we could always do whatever was best for Winston.

People often think that after one veterinary bill it isn’t worth protecting your pet with medical insurance because you’ve already spent some money. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I made that call to Trupanion after Winston lost his leg. There’s no way I would have been able to make decisions as easily without knowing Trupanion was going to cover 90% of the cost.

Dianne M.


Grimsby, Ontario
Enrolled: October 2012
Condition: foreign body ingestion, eye ulcers, enucleation (eye removal), chronic pancreatitis, allergies, rectal prolapse, and Cushing’s disease
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $35,698.84

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