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Work for Trupanion: Ten Perks to Join the Team

Work for Trupanion to join a passionate and collaborative  pet-focused team.

If you love dogs and cats and are on the horizon for a new career opportunity this New Year, come join our Trupanion team. When you work for Trupanion, you not only get to be surrounded by passionate pet-lovers every day but also get to be at the forefront of an innovative pet-focused industry.

Ten “Pawsitive” perks to work for Trupanion

1) Pet-friendly workplace

Imagine the start of your workday with pets in your workspace. With over 300 dogs and cats at Trupanion HQ, you’ll never miss a meeting to pet a furry friend. Also, with Trupanion being a pet-friendly workplace you have the opportunity to bring your pet with you to work every day.

2) Daily dog walks

Our Trupanion dog walkers, part of our Trupanion pet program, walk upwards of 70 dog walks a day whether rain or shine. Every dog in the workplace has a chance to sign up and walk two walks a day. We understand the importance of daily dog walks for our pups at home or in the workplace.

3) Dog playrooms

The workday can be long for humans and their furry friends. In fact, take a break and head over to one of our 24/7 dog playrooms to stretch and fetch with your furry friend.

4) Pet behavioral program

Within our Trupanion pet program, we have a pet behavioral program that can work one-on-one if your pet needs some additional help in the office. Whether you have a new dog, a first-time cat at the office, or an experienced senior dog, we’re here to help you and your pet transition to seamless work experience.

5) Bereavement leave

We understand family, and offer bereavement leave during your sensitive time of need. Further embracing the ideals that family is first.

6) Volunteer program

Our Trupanion volunteer program allows for one paid day off to volunteer at the organization of your choice. In addition, our team members are out supporting the organizations that they are passionate about within their community.

7) Five-year sabbatical

After five years of full-time employment with Trupanion, you have the opportunity to take a five-week sabbatical. To illustrate, this sabbatical is a chance to celebrate your achievements and give yourself time to reflect, rest, and enjoy some relaxation with your furry friends.

8) Paid time off

One of the benefits to work for Trupanion which includes a robust paid-time- off perk available to full-time employees. In fact, plan and use your time when you need it most.

9) Medical + dental + vision benefits

An additional perk to work for Trupanion is the medical/dental/vision benefits available to you as an employee working full-time hours. Likewise, take care of your basic medical essentials from a check-up to emergency care.

10) Nestled in the Pacific Northwest

Our Trupanion Seattle headquarters is nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. While surrounded by the Puget Sound and steps from the cityscape of Seattle, come find your next dream job opportunity.

Work for Trupanion

Take the leap and work for Trupanion. You will experience a collaborative community passionate about pets and making a positive impact in the pet industry.


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