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Bingo gets a Remedy for Life-long Allergies

Bingo gets a Remedy for Life-long Allergies

My dog, Bingo, loves to run outside with his big black lab brother but every time he came back inside he would be all red and itchy and scratching like crazy! Thanks to Dr. Kaiser and the staff at Animal Clinic of Mandarin, Bingo was diagnosed with allergies. Some dogs suffer from minor seasonal allergies but my Bingo has chronic year-round allergies!

Trupanion insurance has allowed him to keep comfortable and happy and this is no easy task. He requires a monthly injection, daily pills, and special wipes. Thankfully, Trupanion pays for these monthly expenses, which will continue for the rest of Bingo’s life. Additionally, Trupanion paid for the expensive allergy testing to help fine-tune his treatment. Heck, they even paid for a portion of the cost of food when Dr. Kaiser recommended we try a food trial to see if there were any food allergies.

Turns out Bingo is allergic to mites, trees, and weeds! If I didn’t have insurance, I would not be able to afford the monthly expenses and poor Bingo would have had to stay indoors most of the time and would still suffer. Bingo is such a happy dog and I would hate to think what he would be like without Trupanion insurance.

I highly recommend Trupanion insurance to friends with pets. All I can say is, as long as my dog is taken care of and is happy then I am happy. Dr. Kaiser and the staff at Animal Clinic of Mandarin and Trupanion insurance has made that happen!


Jacksonville, Florida
Enrolled: December 20165
Condition: Allergies
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $11,275.27

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