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Casey: From Shock to Recovery

Casey: from shock to recovery

I have Trupanion for all three of my dogs. Two out of the three use their insurance on a monthly basis. All have been enrolled since the day we brought them home, so they have no pre-existing conditions.

Casey, our 10-year-old Border Terrier, began showing signs of what we thought was a reoccurring back issue in January. Certainly, we did what we’ve been advised to do and rested her with anti-inflammatories for a few
days. After two days it became obvious that she was getting worse, which is not how it usually goes for her.

We took her in to get her looked at. By this time our poor little girl could barely move she was in so much pain. Eventually, we were given a few options and ended up at Canada West Specialty Hospital for a CT scan.

Her diagnosis was discospondylitis. A bacterial infection that usually only Great Danes and German Shepherds get, and predominantly males. So to see it in a small terrier and a female was a shock!

I am so thankful we have Trupanion to help our little Casey get back to her regular happy little self. Without Trupanion the diagnosis alone would’ve cost us $2,865, plus treatment. But because we have Trupanion it only cost us $687!

Shannon G.


Victoria, British Columbia
Enrolled: October 2007
Condition: bacterial infection
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $1,947.60


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