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Interactive Map: Claim Rates for Common Pet Poisons

Which state or province ranks highest for pets eating chocolate?

Is there any correlation between marijuana toxicity claims and regions where it’s legal? What do Alberta and Massachusetts have in common? Where might we see the highest claim rate for medication toxicity?

We wondered these very questions as we entered March, Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month. So, we asked our brilliant veterinary intelligence team to look into our nearly 20 years of data to find the answers—and they did not disappoint!

To better visualize this breadth of data, they created an interactive map showing where the highest claim rates for various common pet poisons—including chocolate, Xylitol, marijuana, and sago palms—come from. Some of the data surprised us (does New York have a gum problem?) and some made perfect sense (that’s so toad-ally Florida).

So, which state or province does rank highest for pets eating chocolate? That would be California. We found out by filtering by chocolate and then hovering over California, the darkest colored state or province for that poison.

Where does your state or province rank?

Explore the map to find out! Keep in mind that the darker the color, the higher the rank for that particular poison. Click on a poison to filter and see how all of the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico rank.

Are your suspicions correct or will you be completely surprised? Either way, consider sharing what you learn with pet owners to help raise awareness of the common poisons in your area.

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