Trupanion Jobs: Use your Veterinary Background to Help Pets
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Trupanion Jobs: Use your Veterinary Background to Help Pets

Trupanion Jobs: Use Your Veterinary Background to Help Pets

If you work in the veterinary field and are looking to make a career change, look no further. Trupanion jobs are available. And to the point, you can use your veterinary experience and medical knowledge to help dogs and cats every day. If this sounds like a dream job, consider joining our expanding claims department team. Learn more about working for Trupanion and how you can use your veterinary skills in this unique Trupanion job opportunity.

Trupanion Jobs: use your veterinary background to help cats and dogs every day

The role of the Trupanion claims specialist

Do you excel at problem-solving? Are you self-motivated to push yourselves to reach goals and attain new skills? Indeed, the role of the Trupanion claims specialist uses a quick application of medical knowledge and seasoned veterinary experience. The Trupanion claims specialist will review, evaluate, and process outcomes for claimed medical conditions for dogs and cats.

Extensive veterinary medical knowledge

As a Trupanion claims specialist, a preferred background of at least three (plus) years experience working in veterinary hospitals. In addition, we value the expertise, specialized skill-set of a veterinary technician (vet tech) or veterinary technician assistant. Leverage your veterinary background and passion for pets to continue making a difference outside of the animal clinic setting.

If you feel you might be a good fit for the team, consider the following-

Do you have a penchant for -?

  • Challenging projects
  • Adaptable environments
  • Find value in direction, coaching, and feedback
  • Alternative scheduling
  • Working with computers

If these skills apply to you, consider seeing if a Trupanion job fits your ambitions. Certainly, a career surrounded by pets is a great place to be inspired.

Out of the clinic: mental mind shift

Further, a perk to joining the Trupanion team is shifting to a less physically challenging workplace. Certainly, the hands-on-experience of the veterinary hospital is invaluable, but it can be exhausting, working 12+ hours on your feet.

In addition, you have the opportunity to take your veterinary career to new heights, by learning new skills.

Trupanion jobs: career and growth potential

To bring to light, Trupanion’s culture places high value in career growth, professional development, and promoting from within our teams. Naturally, we want to see our team members reach goals and attain their ideal career path. As such, we offer the tools needed to set up our teams for success. In addition, we offer a competitive benefits package, as we consider work-life balance and family essential for career success.

Potential to earn unlimited monthly bonus and flexible remote Trupanion jobs

Likewise, as a Trupanion claims specialist, you have the potential to achieve an unlimited monthly bonus based on performance reviews. In the digital age, we understand the need for a flexible work location. Additionally, our Trupanion claims team has the ability to work remotely, after
6-8 months of office training and performance review.

Trupanion jobs are available at Trupanion headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Come experience an amazing pet-friendly workplace.
Trupanion’s Boomer and Oreo love cuddling and being cube mates!

Trupanion jobs: the opportunity to help all the pets we love receive veterinary care

By joining the Trupanion team, you will help the pets we all love to receive the best veterinary care. Further, fulfill your career passions as you grow in your role at Trupanion. Consider taking your veterinary career to the next level by joining the Trupanion team.

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Apply Here for Trupanion Claims Specialist Role (N. Vancouver)

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