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Top Six Recommended Math Names for Pets

There are an infinite amount of math names for pets to consider when naming your forever friend.

If you’ve recently added a new member to the family, consider choosing one of the many math names for pets available. Additionally, these exponentially adorable namesakes have us wishing we had some new furry friends in our homes. Besides getting the chance to be creative, it’s a fun bonding activity for the whole family to come together to name their newest family member. In honor of National Pi Day, we’re intrigued to see the total number of math names in our Trupanion database. Since there are an infinite amount of options, check out our six math names for pets that perfectly factor in personality and function!

Math names for pets: six essential pet names for your new furry friend

1) Newton

Leading the pack with 264 pet names, there is no doubt Newton is an exceptional pet name. Also, if you have a theory named after you, it certainly might give you an edge over the other pups at the dog park. You do the math, consider adding Newton to your future pet namesake list!

2) Minus

Certainly, when adding a new pet to your family, a core math symbol is essential. When considering your pet name options, Minus, has two Trupanion pets donning this name. Plus, if you have human little ones, it is an interesting way to incorporate basic mathematics into your everyday life.

3) Root

If you want to find the root of all the happiness and joy in your household, try looking at your pets. In addition, four lovely Trupanion pets are named Root. Certainly, the root of the joy in our lives has a furry tail as well!

4) Math

If you love numbers, consider naming your furry friend Math. According to our database, two Trupanion pets are named Math. Equally, we agree it makes for a positive pet namesake!

5) Trigonometry

If you enjoy being creative and standing out in a pack, consider naming your furry friend Trigonometry. Likewise, one domestic shorthair cat answers to the name Trigonometry, and we think it equals perfection!

6) Pi

Our collection of math names for pets wouldn’t be complete without the namesake Pi. With over 98 dogs and cats named Pi, it clearly has inspired households alike. Naturally, Pi is a great name addition for any new pet!

If a new pet joins the family, consider choosing math names for pets.

Math names for pets: an equal assortment of names

Choosing to name your furry friend with a math-inspired pet name will add a level of fun to any household. Also, consider the potential to stand out in a pack or the chance of another singular pet will have the same namesake on their collar.

What is your favorite math-inspired pet name? Tell us in the comments below.

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