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Pets and Happiness: Four Ways Pets Express Joy

Read on to learn more about pets and happiness from the experts at Trupanion.

Pets and happiness go hand in hand. And if you’re reading this blog, you can probably find a smiling dog or a purring cat within reach, and there is no doubt it brings a smile to your face. Here at Trupanion HQ, with more than 300 pets gracing us with their presence on any given day, pets and happiness abound, from every meeting room, office cubicle, and break space. Our furry friends, young and old alike, truly are an inspiration to our lives and exude overall happiness that one could only hope to attain. We sat down with the Trupanion pet program team to dive deeper into pets and happiness and what it all really means.

Pets and happiness: four ways pets express their happiness for us every day

1. Our pets greet us at the door

When you come home from a long day, your pets are the first to greet you at the door. Certainly, the sheer joy and happiness they exude from the moment you open that door puts a smile on your face and makes you feel happy in response. Essentially, seeing their happiness automatically makes you happy. For more on dog communication, click here.

Also, did you know your pets have a pose that is saying hello to you?

The Trupanion pet program team weighs in on the way pets say hello.

“Your pets express a hello greeting when they bow down and stretch their paws out. Naturally, that’s their way of welcoming you home. Essentially, it’s not just a stretch, but their way of communicating a greeting.”

2. First to say good morning

Sometimes, the alarm is not the first thing to wake us in the morning. Rather, your pets are the smiling face you see when you open your eyes. Granted, it might be that they need to go outside. However, there’s a chance they are just happy to see you. Often, your pets are the first ones you see in the morning, and the last ones you see before bed. Certainly, this is a clear indicator of the value of pets in your lives, and where they stand in the family dynamic. Regardless, a wet nose, wagging tail, or fury nuzzle is the best way to start the day.

3. Lay at our feet in a moment of need

Your pet’s sense when you need them, and they never waiver. Somehow they know when you need their support or a hug to get us through the day. Rather, they never ask for much in return, and their love is unconditional. For instance, when your pets may lay at your feet in a moment of need, they’re letting you know that they’re there to support you. Certainly, this unselfish act is just another way our pets express their love on a daily basis.

4. Joyful with their family at home

Most of all, your pets are the most content and joyful when they’re surrounded by their family at home. “Dogs are very social animals. So, in general, whenever they can interact or be around others, they will be happier and more comfortable,” points out the Trupanion team. Also, the happiness that your pets feel is contagious, you feel happy when they’re around, and that they’re happy. Naturally, they truly light up your day.

Ricky Bobby is just one of Trupanion pets that can be seen around Trupanion HQ. Pets and happiness go hand in hand.
Ricky Bobby enjoys seeing everyone at Trupanion

Pets and happiness: a joyful addition to any home

Pets and the happiness they exude is a welcome addition to any home. Certainly, the joy that your animal companions share is felt not only by your pets but by humans alike. When you decide to bring a new addition home, the bond of a furry friend in your life will be an experience like no other.

What ways do your pets express their happiness? Tell us in the comments below.

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