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Why Responsible Dog Breeders are Important

Responsible dog breeders are an essential factor of the pet industry.

Responsible dog breeders are an essential factor of the pet breeder industry. When you are getting a puppy or kitten from a breeder you want to know that your new pet is healthy and have the peace of mind knowing your pet is coming from a responsible and supportive environment. We sat down with our Trupanion breeder support team to highlight the importance of responsible dog breeders and the valuable role responsible breeders play in your pet’s lifetime journey.

Ten reasons why responsible dog breeders are important

A responsible dog breeder provide a supportive environment for baby pets and new pet owners.
Evie – a new Trupanion puppy – enjoying the office

Responsible dog breeders not only provide a supportive environment for baby pets, but also elevate the experience for new pet owners. “Partner with those who are responsible and ethical breeders, better than the blood-line,” states Trupanion breeder support manager Harin Greer.

Likewise, when a breeder is “better than the bloodline”, they use the knowledge of the breed and genetic testing to ethically improve the health of the breed. Essentially, they help the breed get healthier over time. Additionally, reducing the recurrence of breed-specific conditions.

If you are becoming a new pet owner by purchasing a puppy or kitten

Consider finding someone who follows these best practices for ethical breeders:

Health testing

A responsible dog breeder will run all health tests to make sure your new pet is healthy.

Limit the dog’s breed with litters

Equally important, a responsible dog breeder will limit a dog’s breed for the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the pet.

Care where the puppies and kittens go

Responsible breeders are caregivers from the moment that puppy or kitten is born. Moreover, the breeder cares deeply about the placement of that pet and wants them in a loving and nurturing environment.

Extensive application

Responsible dog breeders often have an extensive application process, to further select the ideal applicant. For example, an application could range from five to 50 pages, depending on what is needed from the breeder.

Vet references

We value the trust and knowledge of veterinary professionals. Furthermore, responsible breeders work closely with their vets to ensure their pets have happy and healthy lives. Likewise, vet references are ideal when you are choosing a responsible dog breeder.

Best fit possible for that puppy or kitten

Besides the care and comfort of the baby pet, the breeder is looking for the best fit for the placement of their breed. For instance, lifestyle, home life, and other factors might be reviewed to determine if you are the ideal fit and to avoid re-homing.

Hand-pick family

Applications for a litter can be extensive, and everything must be properly evaluated to determine if a family is the right fit. Additionally, by having the option to hand pick the family, it can further ensure the health, safety, and happiness of that new pet.

Should know personality and arrange temperament testing

In addition, responsible dog breeders should know the personality of the pet and arrange for temperament testing to alleviate any concerns with behavior.

The breeder will take back a puppy or kitten if need to be re-homed

While no one wants to rehome their new puppy or kitten, it is equally important that the breeder will take back the pet if they do need to be re-homed. Unfortunately, these circumstances do happen, and the breeder can help that pet transition and find a new potential home.

Responsible dog breeders are an essential part of the beginning life stages of our puppies.

Responsible dog breeders: essential start for a new puppy

The importance of a responsible dog breeder is the health and well-being not only of the pet, but of the breed itself. Besides caring for the pet in its beginning stage of life, the breeder is helping a new pet owner transition. Finally, the ultimate goal of the breeder is to place pets in an ideal family dynamic, while further endorsing the longevity of the breed.

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