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Four Easy Steps to Achieve the Ultimate Cat Nap

Learn four easy steps to the ultimate cat nap.

Saturday, otherwise known as Caturday, is a great way to spend time bonding with our furry friends. Additionally, it is a wonderful opportunity to rest up with a quality cat nap and take some much-needed downtime. Naturally, our feline friends are the champions of cat-napping, so we look to them for inspiration while trying to achieve the ultimate cat nap. Learn from the pro’s on how to attain the “purrfect” cat nap with your furry friends by your side.

How to take the “purrfect” cat nap 

An ultimate cat nap can be achieved once you find your favorite place to nap!

1) Put it on the calendar

Firstly, put your cat nap on the schedule. Granted, our lives are so busy with schedules and family activities, it seems hard to make the time, but it is so worth it. Also, it can become something the family can look forward too. Certainly, a chance to rest and get some essential self-care makes for a happy family dynamic. Caturday is the perfect day to start this refreshing routine.

2) Pick your favorite spot

Find your favorite spot in the house and grab some extra blankets and pillows. Additionally, taking a nap in your favorite spot around the house will help you look forward to that activity. Definitely, don’t leave the decision up to your furry friends to pick your ideal napping spot. You might have too many options to choose from and you may have to fight for the spot in the sun!

3) Unplug the devices

Definitely, one of the most important factors to achieve the ultimate cat nap is to unplug all your devices. By taking the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world, you’re able to focus, and let yourself truly relax and turn your brain off. Also, your human family, and furry friends alike, will appreciate the digital departure. Consider at least putting your phone on silent, if you are unable to fully turn off your phone.

4) Curl up and let yourself relax

The time has come to curl up and let yourself relax. You’ve put the time in your schedule, picked your favorite spot, and have unplugged all your devices. Similarly, whether you are able to nap for 30 minutes or a full hour, you are able to relax your mind and give yourself a stimulant-free boost to your day.

A cat nap is great way to re-charge for the new week ahead.

Cat nap perfection: an awesome Caturday for the entire family

A cat nap is an essential addition to your weekend routine. Additionally, it allows you to take the time needed to reflect on your week and re-charge for your new week. Naturally, no awesome Caturday would be complete without a cat nap. Where do you enjoy taking your cat nap on Caturday?

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