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Winter Season Adventures with Trupanion Pets

Armin Van Doodle is just one of the featured Trupanion Pets enjoying everything winter has to offer.
Armin Van Doodle

Who else is ready to leave winter 2019 behind? The Polar Vortex on the East Coast, Snowmageddon on the West Coast and all the winter storms in between have left us lusting for warmer days. The good thing is, all the snow gave us a great opportunity to take adorable pictures of cute Trupanion pets in the snow. We asked our Trupanion team members to show us how they celebrate the winter season with their Trupanion pets, and we can’t wait to share the escapades. See how our Trupanion pets enjoyed their extra winter.

Trupanion pets enjoying the winter wonderland

Trupanion pets: dogs in the snow for the first time

Evie, a new Trupanion pet, puppy at that- enjoying her first snow.

A pups first time in the snow is an exciting one. Certainly, there is a moment of hesitancy, to try to figure out what the snow is. To illustrate – Jelly and Evie truly are trying to understand why the snow is so cold and wet. Besides the initial surprise of it all, it looks like the best mates are anticipating round two!

Jelly, an adorable Trupanion pet, figuring out what this snow is all about.

Trupanion pets: dogs who love snow

Odin, a Trupanion pet that loves snow.

Adventure is out there and these Trupanion dogs have found the fun in the snow. To demonstrate, Odin and Aspen are the champions of catching snowballs. While some furry friends enjoy a game of ball, Ser Thunderpaws prefers running to his heart’s content in the snow. Definitely, it looks like a great way to get out, get moving, and exercise with our furry friends. Further, the health benefits of getting out in nature are wonderful for you and your pets.

Aspen, a Trupanion pet that is always ready to play in the snow.
Ser Thunderspaws, a Trupanion pet, full of speed and love of snow!
Ser Thunderpaws

Trupanion pets: dogs who love the outdoors

Mocha is so happy to be playing in the snow with his pack.

Our pets exhibit all kinds of emotions, but there is nothing quite like seeing a dog smile. At the same time, the pure joy of seeing dogs who love the snow, is nothing short of awesome. Certainly, Mocha never looked happier enjoying the winter wonderland, while Cloe can’t wait to get out and explore. Since snow is still in the forecast, take the opportunity to jet-set to a winter destination with your pets. Traveling with pets is a great way to bond and experience new adventures together.

Cloe, a Trupanion pet, loves fun playtime in the snow.

Trupanion pets: dogs and cats who feel at home during winter

Mitzy, a Trupanion pet, feels purrfect curled up next to the fireplace.

We all have our favorite season, one that we enjoy playing, relaxing, and getting out in the most with our pets. Likewise, some dogs and cats feel “the most at home” during the winter season. To bring to light, Mitzy is enjoying all the perks of winter, nestled for a long afternoon cat nap by the fire. In contrast, Cooper feels at home hiking the trails of Lake Serene. In other words, whether you’re indoors or outdoors you can still experience the fun of winter and everything it has to offer together.

Cooper, a Trupanion pet, loves adventure and taking hikes with his pack.

Trupanion pets: dog enjoying time with my best friend

Armin Van Doodle, a Trupanion pet, loves to be with his pack., all day every day.
Armin Van Doodle

The best part of the winter season is the opportunity to experience all it has to offer with your best friend by your side. To show, Armin Van Doodle enjoys a jaunt outside with his pack in Prince George, BC Canada. Naturally, nothing sums up companionship more than this moment. Just taking the time to spend together, can make your pet’s day. Consider taking the opportunity to adventure with your pet this weekend.

Trupanion pets: adventure in winter with your best friends

Trupanion pets love to explore, learn, grown, and escape with their best mates. Additionally, getting out in nature in winter gives you the opportunity to experience a new adventure with your animal companion right by your side. Regardless of what season it is, the bond you will share makes for a fun and unforgettable experience. What is your favorite winter season adventure with your pets?

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