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Amazing Life-Saver for Havoc

Learn how medical insurance is an amazing life-saver for Havoc.

My Rottweiler, Havoc, has had his fair share of health issues in the last few years that has made Trupanion a life-saver.

Years ago, I had a Rottweiler that passed away due to stomach bloat. I did not have insurance and the bills were extremely high. Unfortunately, four days after her emergency surgery, she passed away. I told my husband that when we got another Rottweiler, we are getting insurance on him.

We got a new Rottweiler in 2014 and enrolled him in Trupanion’s exam day offer when he was a puppy. When the 30 days were over, we didn’t hesitate to insure him with Trupanion.

We are so thankful we made this choice. Havoc has had two cruciate repairs on both legs with a year of each other. He developed allergies which caused hot spots, ear issues, and skin issues. Just recently, Havoc became very ill and was taken to two veterinary emergency hospitals. It took them a week to figure out what was wrong with him by doing exploratory surgery and biopsies. It was such a relief to just be able to concentrate on Havoc’s well-being than the surmounting vet bills. Once he was home, we found out he was diabetic. He is now on Insulin twice a day.

Trupanion has been an amazing insurance company to deal with. They take the worry out of making decisions based on the monetary amount of illness by covering 90% of the cost.

Havoc is not my only pet insured with Trupanion. Also, I have another Rottweiler and Persian insured. I am so happy I made this decision.

-Tracy VR


Beamsville, Ontario

Enrolled: July 2014

Conditions: Diabetes, Allergies, two Cruciate Ligament ruptures, IBD, Lymphangiectasis

The Trupanion policy paid: $20,151.35

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