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Ask a Vet: Seven Kid-Approved Pet Questions

Learn seven kid-approved pet questions to ask a vet.

You probably have quite a few questions to ask a veterinarian when you visit their hospital or clinic. Much of the time, you might not be the only one in the family with questions. Often your children have some of the most insightful and candid questions in relation to your pets. As a Trupanion culture, we place value on every person in the family – pets and kids alike.

In honor of the upcoming Veterinary Appreciation Day, on June 18, we want to highlight the insight, expertise, humor, and passion veterinarians express in their work every day. Naturally, as thought-leaders in the pet health industry, veterinarians continue to be an advocate for pets. Their work means, more pets receive the medical care they need.

We sat down with the Trupanion veterinarian team to answer seven kid-approved pet questions that you might consider asking next time you’re at the vet. Everything from pet care to veterinary passions, read on to learn more about the person behind the veterinarian title.

Ask a Vet: seven kid-approved pet questions

If you could ask a vet a question - would would you ask? We've got seven kid-approved pet questions to ask.

Veterinarians are just like you , they love gushing about their furry friends.

How many pets do you have?

“I have four pets – three dogs (15 month-old mini Aussie Hugh Jackman, eight-year-old Chihuahua J Woww, and an 11-year-old mix named Rizzo) and one cat (13-year-old orange tabby Harry Fancy Pants),” says Trupanion veterinarian, Dr. Caroline Wilde.

Think it’s hard to choose your favorite pet? You’re not alone.

What is your favorite pet?

“I have two cats and a horse. It’s difficult to have a favorite, as each is special in its own way, even between two cats. For example, my cat Juniper loves to lay in my lap while I watch TV while George loves attention all the time and will follow me everywhere I go,” states Trupanion veterinarian, Dr. Sarah Nold.

Imagine a world where you could meet thousands of pets! It’s possible if you become a veterinarian.

How many pets have you met?

“No way to count! I’d say tens of thousands!” inserts Wilde. Nold continues, “Throughout veterinary school and while working in a veterinary hospital, I got to meet about a dozen of new pets every day. Even working for Trupanion, I get to meet my co-workers at the office.”

We all have pet-related questions, such as “Why does my dog or cat do that?” … Thanks to your veterinarian, there’s always an answer.

Do dogs and cats sweat?

“Dogs and cats do sweat from certain parts of their body, such as their paw pads, but they primarily cool off by panting,” asserts Nold.

All of our family members enjoy being part of the conversation, even our furry friends.

Why do cats meow?

“They generally meow to communicate with people,” says Wilde.

Ask a vet: Sometimes the “Why” is just as impactful as the work –

Why did you become a veterinarian?

“As many people would guess, I love animals, but more than that, I love helping owners to best care for their pets. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to watch a puppy or kitten grow up as part of the family and to be there to support them throughout their life,” states Nold.

What do you love about being a veterinarian?

“There is no better feeling than knowing that I have made a difference in a pet and family’s life,” says Wilde.

Ask a vet: seven kid-approved pet questions - learn more about your veterinarian!

Ask a vet: kid pet questions answered

When you take the time to ask a veterinarian a question, it gives you a chance to get to know the person behind the title. Also, it’s a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to engage and learn from a person who cares so compassionately about their furry family member.

Consider taking the time to check-in, ask a question, or thank your veterinarian for all they do. After all, you might be inspired by what you hear.

If you could ask your veterinarian a question – what would it be?

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