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Nine Dog Breeds that Shed Less

Hypoallergenic dog breeds include poodles!
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If you are looking to bring a new dog into your home, these nine dog breeds that shed less are a wonderful consideration for your next animal companion. Not only are these versatile dog breeds exceptional family dogs, but several of these pups are also a great mate for living in smaller urban spaces. Learn more about the advantage of having dog breeds that shed less in your home and how they truly are leaders of the pack.

Nine dog breeds that shed less perfect for any household

1. Havanese

The havanese is a spirited, loyal, and feisty pup that enjoys being around their family members. In addition to being shed-free, they also make for an adorable apartment living mate.

2. Bichon-Frise

Additionally, a suitable apartment living pup, such as the Bichon-Frise, is affection and friendly pet towards family and strangers alike. Consider, their no-shed double coat does require daily maintenance and grooming upkeep. Consider adding a playful Bichon-Frise to your household.

3. Portuguese water dog

If you enjoy being active and going swimming, for instance, the Portuguese water dog could be your next swimming partner. Naturally, the Portuguese water dog is a high-energy dog that likes staying active and can keep a family on their toes. Naturally, this fun-loving family dog enjoys companionship, is easy to train, and has a coat that sheds very little.

4. Maltese

If you’re looking for an affectionate pal to be your new best friend, look no further than a Maltese. Equally, this delightful energetic pup enjoys playtime with their human companion or curling up for naptime.

5. Poodle

If you want an active furry friend with high intelligence and great social skills, consider a Poodle. Naturally, poodles are very people-oriented and enjoy socializing with adults, kids and pets alike. Certainly, this pup will be the first to welcome you home every day.

6. Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terriers are wonderful travel companions and are always ready to find their next adventure. Consider this itsy-bitsy furry friend if you enjoy keeping your best mate by your side, certainly with a bit of personality and bark. In addition, the Yorkie does not shed a lot, which makes for a clean and tidy household!

7. Schnauzer

The schnauzer, a versatile working pup, is an excellent family companion. In addition, their fur does not shed in abundance, which makes for a top pick on our dog breeds that shed less list. Also, the schnauzer breed comes in three sizes. For example, you can match the breed size such as miniature, standard, and large schnauzer, to the size of your home and lifestyle choice.

8. Coton de Tulear

A wonderful option if you are seeking a dog breeds that sheds less is the loveable pint-sized Coton’ de Tulear. Likewise, this smaller-set pup sheds very little and is adaptable in a variety of environments. Consider adding this spunky pup to your pack and it will spark joy to your day.

9. Bolognese

A playful pup that rounds out the nine best dog breeds that shed less is none other than the adorable Bolognese. Naturally, this social furry friend enjoys being with its family members but can be shy with strangers.

A hypoallergenic dog breed is a wonderful and fun addition to a family of any size.
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Dog breeds that shed less: ideal for all families

When contemplating which dog breed is a right for your family, consider factors such as home size, lifestyle, and additional financial obligations. For instance, will you have the time, energy, or space needed to fully devote to your new furry friend? Also, consider if it will be a good match for all members of the family. Naturally, all pups have their own personality, certainly, keep that in mind. Once you have taken the time to evaluate, and bring your new dog home, prepare for many wonderful memories for years to come.


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