Five Emergency Pet Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know
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Five Emergency Pet Hacks Every Pet Owner Should Know

Learn the importance of emergency pet hacks when hiking, camping, and traveling with pets.

Heading out with your furry friend, it always pays to be prepared for whatever the day may hold. Whether you opt to take a spring vacation with your pets or hit the hiking trails with your pup this season, certainly an emergency, or foul weather, can quickly change the course of your day. In honor of National Pet First Aid Month, mastering the tools and tricks keeping your furry friends happy and healthy is a top priority. As responsible pet owners, it is incredibly important to have the necessary resources needed in case of an emergency. Likewise, by having an emergency pet hacks guide handy, you can be prepared and relax, knowing you have the tools you need to help your pet. We sat down with on-site Trupanion veterinary technician, Aubrey Halvorsen, to discuss the importance of pet care in the event of an unexpected situation and the essential emergency pet hacks to keep your furry friend protected.

Emergency pet hacks: five essential tips

Several Emergency pet hacks can include keeping a pet first aid handy while traveling or on the hiking trails.

1. Always carry your pet-first aid kit

A pet first aid kit can come in handy when traveling with pets, taking a road trip, or exploring nature’s backyard with your pups. Essentially, just as you would have a first aid kit for yourself, you should have one for your furry friends. Also, your pet first aid kit should be light, portable, and include a versatile selection of pet-first aid items that would be needed specifically for your best mate.

If you are looking to create your first pet first-aid kit, consider including the following items:

If you are at the campsite, always keep an eye on where your pet is at all times. Naturally, be mindful of any debris nearby, such as food items. Further, you wouldn’t want your furry friend’s curiosity to result in an unexpected trip to the vet, because of getting into or eating something they shouldn’t.

2. Essential wilderness tool: a tie-out can come in handy

Keeping your furry friend safe and out of harm’s way is important when you are out in the wilderness. In addition, there are so many unpredictable variables that could take place when you are exploring, hiking, or camping. Consider keeping tools such as a tie-out and carabiner in your pack. “A carabiner would be used to clip the leash into something, such as a picnic table or tie-out, so you can clip your dog on and off quickly without having to take the leash off,” states on-site Trupanion veterinarian Aubrey Halvorsen. Similarly, a tie-out gives your pet some freedom to roam but keeps them tethered to your site. Further, if you have to leave the campsite in a moment’s notice, you want to be able to access your pets, quickly and securely.

3. Pet information card

Naturally, when you are out exploring in nature, you might not always have access to your phone or other tech devices. Likewise, your power could drain or you might not be close to a cell tower. Because of this, due to the unpredictable nature of adventuring, it’s helpful to keep your pet’s information written out on an information card in your pet first aid kit. Consider the following tips to include on your pet emergency information card:

  • Basic information such as pet’s name, owner’s name, and phone number
  • Local veterinary clinics and emergency hospitals in the area you are traveling
  • Pet’s medical info: pet blood type, medical conditions, and medications in case of an emergency
  • Your pet’s medical insurance policy number and contact information

Also, if your pet is wearing a backpack, consider putting an emergency card in their pack. Essentially, it can provide the necessary information if your pet is ever in need. For example, if your pet’s collar falls off, it’s another resource for a fellow hiker or camper that finds your pet, to reach you.

4. A sturdy leash is a must

When traveling with pets, it is always important to carry multiple pet gear items such as leashes, collars, and harnesses. For example, the pet gear could become damaged, break, or get lost. To bring to light, a sturdy leash is valuable for a number of reasons.

Halvorsen weighs in the importance of a good leash-

“The importance of a sturdy leash, is you don’t want the leash to snap while out on a hike. For example, if your dog takes off, he/she might start running, especially if spooked, and it will be hard to find them. In addition, they may suffer injuries or be subject to a harsh environment and extreme temperatures, if you are unable to find them right away.”

Further, a strong sturdy leash is an essential emergency pet hack that is applicable in a number of environments. Naturally, if you have a sturdy leash, it can help prevent an off-leash encounter and a potential injury or accident to your pet. If you have any cause for concern when camping or hiking, seek veterinary care immediately.

5. Extra food and water is essential

When you are traveling with pets, it is important to pack the essentials for the highest quality of care for your furry friends. For instance, food and water are not only necessary but in the event of an unexpected emergency, you want to make sure your pets are properly taken care of. Consider keeping an extra supply of food and water for your furry friends during your travels. Certainly, your best mates will appreciate the prep and consideration.

Tools like emergency pet hacks can help prepare your for the unknown or the unexpected when adventuring with your pets.

Five emergency pet hacks: safety and security for all parties

Traveling with pets provides a wonderful opportunity to explore, bond, and experience new destinations together. Naturally, an emergency or natural disaster can occur anytime. By creating your pet first aid kit, packing pet gear and supplies, and providing the essentials you are prepared if the unexpected takes place. Enjoy an adventure with your furry friends by having the peace of mind that you are prepared for the unknown.

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