Jobs for Dog Lovers: Diverse Career Opportunities
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Jobs for Dog Lovers: Diverse Career Opportunities

Explore jobs for dog lovers at Trupanion.
Trupanion’s own Kopper at Trupanion HQ.

If you are pet-passionate and are in the market for a new career opportunity, look no further. Trupanion has some essential jobs for dog lovers. This is a chance to apply your customer service and bilingual language skills and reach new career heights.

Ready to join the growing pet-health industry? Trupanion has new opportunities whether you wish to work in a pet-friendly office or prefer to work remote.

Read on to learn more about jobs for dog lovers at Trupanion. Further, how you can make an impact by helping pets across Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Jobs for dog lovers: diverse career opportunities

First to answer the call

We’re looking for compassionate team members who will be the first point-of-contact for members, here to lend a hand and answer the call. The Trupanion customer service team is here 24/7. They are here to answer any questions or concerns, from submitting claims and going over details of the Trupanion pet policy. Naturally, our team is on the front-lines to assist our members with their furry friends. We provide real-time support when member pets seek veterinary care or in the case of an emergency. Certainly, exemplary team members are happy to answer any questions in regards to medical insurance for pets through all stages of their lifetime.

“Working at Trupanion has changed my vision of contact centers. People here are passionate about what they do, they care so much about pets health and the quality of medical care they have access to, and it reflects on everyone’s interactions with members”

Soukaina, Bilingual Member Experience Specialist

Empathetic to every pet owner that calls

Truapanion team members are pet people too, knowing what it feels like to have a pet in need or sick, especially in an emergency situation. Naturally, we want team members available to help and assist our team members and their pets through their life journey. Certainly, the stress of hearing from members about sick pets can be a lot to handle. I this is the job for you, consider how you will use empathy and emotional resilience to help pets every day.

Bilingual customer care representative

At present, Trupanion has some diverse employment opportunities available in our customer service team. For example, if you are fluent in French or Spanish we have customer service opportunities that may be right for you and can provide the opportunity for a new and exciting career. Naturally, following your passion to help pets with the combination of your versatile customer service skill-set and bilingual experience, can open up some opportunities for growth in various departments throughout Trupanion.

“Nuestro equipo entiende que las mascotas son tesoros, y estamos listos para servirle cuando Usted y su mascota nos necesiten. Me da mucho orgullo poder ayudar a mis clientes en Español o Inglés, orientarlos sobre la póliza, y como Usted puede someter su reclamación. Nuestro equipo también puede obtener el expediente de su mascota durante el proceso y repaso de su reclamación.” –

-Carmen, Bilingual Member Experience Specialist

Grow within your role

In addition, Truapnion provides a supportive leadership team, to help guide you on your career path. Further, our work culture places a high value on career development, which provides an opportunity to grow within your role.

Also, if you have a veterinary background, such as a veterinarian or vet tech, we have a versatile selection of roles that match your career path as well.

Jobs for dog lovers: a pet-friendly workplace

Additionally, our office is for pet lovers. Consider the possibilities of being surrounded by dogs and cats each day, which makes for a fun-filled work environment. Certainly, a pet-friendly workplace is a definite work perk!

Remote positions

In an increasingly digital age, many seeking new career opportunities, are looking for the ability to work remotely. Additionally, our customer service team does provide the ability to work remotely after an in-office training, on-boarding, and a performance review has been attained.

Jobs for dog lovers allow you to help pets and enjoy your time with pups!

Jobs for dog lovers: explore your opportunity and work for Trupanion

The Trupanion customer service team is there for our members, from the first day they enroll their pets and are essential to helping pet owners through their pet’s lifetime journey. Certainly, our specialists are there from the moment a new pet comes home, through the tougher decision-making times.

If you have a penchant for customer service and are passionate about pets-

Are you are looking for a pet-friendly pack to join, career growth and the option to work remote? Consider bringing your unique skills to the Trupanion team. If you are looking for something different, check out our diverse selection of jobs for dog lovers. Essentially, if this sounds like a dream job or workplace, find out how to join our pet-loving team here.


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