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Top Ten Mighty Marvel Pet Names

does black panther top our list of marvel pet names?

If you are bringing home a new pet, we’ve got some mighty marvel pet names to consider for your new best friend’s namesake. With the popularity of the Marvel universe reaching new audiences across block-buster films, television shows, and comic books, it certainly is no surprise they are influencing the names of our pets. We’re curious to see which super-hero inspired names are the end-game of all pet names, so we assembled our pack to look at the Trupanion database. Since there are over 5,740 marvel pet names in our database of over 400,000 pets, which feels like an infinite amount to any pet owner, we’re dishing out some of our most popular ones. Check out our top ten Marvel pet names that you can consider for your new pack member.

Top ten super marvel pet names to name your next pet

Is your Marvel pet name the end-game of all pet names?

1. Loki

An ultimate villain, this sorcerous prince of Asgard, tops the list with 2,947 Trupanion pets who share his namesake. Certainly, it’s no surprise this charming, quick-witted, and mischievous name tops the marvel pet names list.

2. Thor

Brother to Loki, this Thunder God to Asgard and Earth, wields his power and unleashes 2,201 pets with this powerful name. Undoubtedly, this is a great name for any pup or kitten alike!

3. Groot

If you’re looking for the next guardian to protect your house, or “out of this world” garden, look no further than Groot. Case in point, 188 Trupanion pets answer to the name Groot, and the origin is nothing short of adorable.

4. Hulk

If you have a new pup that packs a powerful bark, you might want to consider the name Hulk. The green alter ego of scientist Bruce Banner – he is a feisty addition to the Avengers team. With 139 pets commanding the room as Hulk, it’s no surprise pet owners don this fiery namesake for their furry friends.

5. Nebula

With an intergalactic warlord battling to take over the Earth from our favorite avenging team, Nebula is just one of the characters stuck in the middle. If you have a new pup that is headstrong and independent– Nebula is an essential Marvel pet name to consider. With 42 Trupanion pets running to the Nebula namesake, it’s sure to be a hit at the dog park.

6. Shuri

A Caturday would not be complete without a princess among the pack. Naturally, if your royal feline friend reigns your household, you should definitely consider Shuri as a pet name. Shuri hails from the kingdom of Wakanda, and 22 Trupanion pets already rule over their home with her regal namesake.

7. Captain America

A best mate is a loyal and trustworthy friend, always by your side. If this sounds like your furry friend, chances are they make for a stellar Captain America. With 21 pets playing to the name Captain America, we sure see why they’re the hero of the house.

8. Pepper Potts

There is no one quite like Pepper Potts! A busy working lady, CEO of Stark Industries, and love to Tony Stark, Potts shows you can be successful in all aspects of life. We have no doubt that the 17 Trupanion pets that don her name are kind, loving, and all around amazing pets to have!

9. Nakia

One of the most powerful, smart, and driven characters from Black Panther is the all-knowing Nakia. Undoubtedly, she’s a fierce protector of her pack, with 16 Trupanion pets proudly love and protect their homes with the spirit of Wakanda forever.

10. Tony Stark

Finally, the dashing alter-ego to Iron Man, Tony Stark, an industrialist, inventor, and founding member of the Avengers. His name is certainly a popular choice among pet owners. Naturally, 13 Tony Stark cats and dogs rush to the kitchen for dinner every day.

Marvel pet names are a wonderful addition to any family pet.

Marvel pet names: the next super-hero namesake for your pet

Choosing to don your furry friends with a Marvel-inspired pet name will sure add a level of super-power to any pack. Also, consider this an opportunity to stand out at the dog park or a fun way to personalize your pet’s pet care products. Further, we want to give an honorable mention to Captain Marvel, the main coon cat, in our Trupanion database.

Which Marvel character most reminds you of your pet?


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