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No Limit on Major Surgeries for Bailey Bob

Learn more about the advantage of Trupanion coverage* for Bailey Bob.

Bailey Bob’s Journey

Dr. Kaiser talked to me about insurance several times before I finally made the decision to get it for Bailey Bob. It was almost a year before I had to use it but boy when I did, I really did!

In March of 2018, Bailey Bob started limping and I immediately took him to see Dr. Kaiser. He had a 4 out of 5-grade lameness on his right hind. So, off to the specialist we went and Bailey had his cruciate repaired. I’m glad I have insurance that covers 90% of the cost minus the initial exam fee from the specialist.

The same year, Bailey got caught in a recliner chair and the second cruciate repair was done on his other hind leg! Yes, two major surgeries back to back! Without insurance, I may not have even contemplated going to a specialist at all, maybe would have done the first surgery and paid for it out of pocket thinking, well, that won’t happen again! But definitely would have not been able to manage the second.  Oh and also, somewhere along the way, he was diagnosed with a heart murmur which will be a lifetime issue.

We really feel that Bailey Bob is still here only because we have Trupanion insurance.

Because of this, now he is able to walk, run and go up and down the stairs! Throughout this whole process, it was very easy to submit the claims because the Animal Clinic of Mandarin handles the entire process. The other thing we like about Trupanion insurance is that there are no limits per condition, per year or per lifetime.  Not to mention that paying 90% of the bill is incredible.

Whenever I see someone with a pet, especially a puppy, I encourage them to get Trupanion insurance. I just can’t say enough about how wonderful it has been for us. Trupanion Insurance always comes through 100%!

Bailey Bob

Jacksonville, Florida
Enrolled: March 2017
Condition: Cruciate repair (on both legs), Heart Murmur
The Trupanion Policy Paid: $16,860.88

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