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Puppy Exercise: Five Amazing Health Benefits

Puppy exercise can include enrichment and interactive play.

When you bring a new puppy into your home, it is an exciting time! If you are a first-time pet owner, or new to having a puppy in your household, there are many new experiences and “firsts” that you will encounter. Certainly, one new “joy of puppyhood” is that puppies are full of energy! By incorporating, puppy exercise, into your day, your growing furry friend can experience amazing health benefits. We sat down with our Trupanion pet program team to learn more about the essential health benefits of puppy exercise and ways to incorporate the activity throughout your best friend’s day.

Puppy exercise: five essential health benefits

puppy exercise is essential for all puppies.

1. Training assistance

When you are incorporating puppy training tips or introducing basic commands, exercise provides the opportunity for your puppy to be mentally, emotionally, and physically stimulated. Naturally, training and exercise each support one another. Consider enrichment toys, like puzzle games, and interactive play as a tool to provide mental stimulation for your puppy.

Puppy enrichment training tools include:

  • Hand signals
  • Basic commands
  • Tricks

In addition, enrichment training is a way to incorporate playful learning and a way to engage with your furry friends. “Enrichment training provides learning, stimulation, and play, which is a key element to a well-balanced pet,” says on-site Trupanion pet program manager, J. Marmol. As a responsible pet owner, be mindful of your puppy’s cues and go slowly. Remember, this entire experience is new to your puppy. It might take some time to learn for all parties!

2. Great for focus

When you exercise and train with your puppy, it provides them a chance to work on skills, such as focus and patience, that make for an ideal well-behaved pup. Consider practicing focus and patience with your puppy during meal-time. For instance, set your pup’s food down and have your puppy wait till you give them your designated hand signal, or say it is okay to eat. Also, a feeder bowl is an opportunity to incorporate enrichment and learning while eating. Establishing focus is a great way to solidify a trusting bond with your best mate.

3. Overall health and wellness

A puppy’s growth development is incredibly important. In fact, the overall health and wellness of a puppy are directly affected by exercise. Certainly, we all want our furry friends to have the best health.

Puppy exercise can affect a puppy’s growth development by:

  • Maintaining proper weight
  • Building muscle
  • Supporting body function
  • Overall happiness and wellness

In addition, the health benefits of puppy exercise, extend to the pet owners and family. In fact, getting out and getting active, with your puppy, releases endorphins and put us in a happy mood. What a mood booster opportunity for the entire family!

4. Strengthens the human-pet bond

More importantly, puppy exercise establishes and nurtures the human-pet bond. By working together on tools, training, and overall everyday activities, it solidifies the relationship and trust between you and your new puppy. As we all know it, a puppy is a wonderful teammate to have in life.

5. Opportunity to learn

Puppies learn through play. By incorporating puppy exercise, and the opportunity to interact with other dogs, you are provided an essential learning tool. For instance, there are two different types of play that are beneficial for puppies to learn new skills. Consider the following: P

When a puppy is playing with another puppy:

  • Learns to communicate
  • Understands social cues
  • Shares experiences

When a puppy is playing with an adult dog:

  • Learns manners
  • Establishes boundaries

In addition, whenever your puppy is interacting with other pets, supervision is highly recommended. Likewise, if you have little human ones running around, be mindful that every puppy has its own quirks and personality. Consider having a pet space, such as a crate or comfy bed that your puppy can retreat to if needed.

Puppy exercise can include interacting with puppies or older pups. It is a great way to learn cues, behavior, and establish boundaries.

Puppy exercise: a benefit to the entire family

Puppy exercise is a wonderful tool that provides emotional, physical, and mental health benefits to your growing furry friend. It provides a fun way to train, teach, enrich, and bond with your best friend and is certainly beneficial for the entire family. What are your favorite ways to interact and incorporate puppy exercise with your pups?

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